Today has been a very good day.

We’ve sold our house!

We’ve had the house on the market since March and today we exchanged contracts with the buyers, who incidentally were the first viewers so it was obviously meant to be. (In the UK exchanging contracts means that there’s no pulling out now!) So the house that we’ve lived in for the last 14 years will soon belong to someone else! We must move out by the end of the month…so yes I’m on a packing mission and true to form there is a photo to go with it. Quickly snapped with my phone.


Piled to the ceiling

Piled to the ceiling

We have loved living here, it’s been a brilliant little place with a super garden and it’s been great in the summer months and so cosy during the winter.  It’s funny I don’t get attached to houses, you know how people return from holiday and say “Oh it’s so good to be home” well I don’t think I’ve ever said that! Maybe we’ve never lived in the right house but for me houses really are just bricks and mortar and they really are just convenience, the correct number of rooms, the right distance from work, the perfect sized garden, but no more than that.  Don’t get me wrong I love decorating the home and making it the way I like it (eclectic!) but I’ve never been really attached to a home and have never really felt sad leaving one.

We are about to commence a huge adventure but for now I’m going to keep you dangling as I’m too scared to tempt fate!!!

So I shall continue to pack and update you as and when I have some news, all I can tell you is I’m massively excited about the new life ahead of me and the hubster!  Watch this space …


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