Get rid of the ‘stuff’!

As I’m sorting through all our things in readiness for the house move, I’m going through box after box of ‘stuff’! Why on earth did I buy all of these things? 

I think because we work hard and don’t earn that much,  when eventually we have some spare money we spend it, we spoil ourselves with the latest gadget, another machine for the kitchen, some new clothes etc – we’ve worked hard and we feel we deserve it. Items like a smoothie maker, that’s probably been used twice, three times at a push! Just so many things that really aren’t important. I mean how many vases, serving platters, candle holders does a person need. Surely one to do the job in hand and that’s it. As I have been going through all our belongings that I realise how much we can live without and that ‘things’ really aren’t important. People are important, friends, family, siblings and even (or should I say especially) my dog! 

I’ve really had enough of all the material things that seem to clutter my brain and cloud my judgement. I’ve mentioned before that we live in a very affluent town in the UK and everyday I see evidence of this madness, this desire to accumulate things, be it cars, houses, extensions, landscaping of the gardens, loft conversions, clothes etc etc and all at a hefty price. Do we do this to show off, to prove that we are successful or is it really filling some sort of emptiness in our lives?

Tonight in a restaurant, there was a group of ladies gathered for a reunion, they were obviously not short of a bob or two, as they all arrived in their big, black, shiny 4 x 4’s and various types of Mercs, they donned their designer clothes and accessories, they oozed ackers!  I observed the fun and laughter they were having, there were genuine moments of kindness and real friendship and all I could think was that at the end of the day the experience they had was down to the fact that they were together and catching up on old times, they could equally have been ladies who turned up in jeans and t shirts in the local pub and would have had as much fun.

I’m ready for a new type of life. I getting rid of all non-essential things! i’m going to concentrate on people, cut down on the Candy Crush, the FB etc, I will however keep at the blog, as although I can’t see you and there are so many of you that I don’t actually know, I feel as though my blog is a form of communication with others. (Plus it’s so therapeutic, I’ve missed writing so much.)

And so my dear blog readers, you will soon find out just how drastic this decision is going to be!! 

I’m still reluctant to let the cat out of the bag, but I promise you will know very soon! 

Take care, and don’t get caught up in the stuff cycle!!


4 thoughts on “Get rid of the ‘stuff’!

  1. Ooh an adventure! Looking forward to hearing more about it! A trip around the world perhaps? I applaud anyone brave enough to tackle their life laundry though it can be a daunting prospect when you keep finding that stuff you’d forgotten all about and suddenly don’t know if you can part with it!

    • Oh I’m so excited and yet full of trepidation, at least it should lead to a good blog!! I can’t tell you yet because I’m so scared that I will tempt fate…around the world nah we;re not that brave. On another note, I’m still not getting your updates! It’s damn annoying…I think I’ll go directly and see if I can sort it out…how are you btw?

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