THE PLAN … revealed!!


Well I think it’s time I divulged our plan, yes and a cunning plan it is too!!

About 2 years ago, the Hubster and I were sat having a coffee, bemoaning our life, how many hours he worked in the restaurant, how tired he was, how fed up I was at never seeing him, (he’s been in catering for over 30 years). We’ve never had a Friday or Saturday night in together apart from during holidays. We never have a Sunday together. He works every bank holiday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve etc etc it was beginning to get us down. I always go to weddings, parties, bbqs, and spend every Valentine’s Day and Christmas Day on my own, it’s really pretty miserable!  We’re in our 50’s and to be honest we were wondering how the next 20 years would pan out, I mean he’s hardly going to be physically able to do this job when he’s in his late 60’s and 70’s. I’ve almost always worked in retail which means our hours just don’t coincide…we were feeling sorry for ourselves!


I believe it was ‘me’ that said “Oh bugger it! why don’t we just sell everything and go travelling around France, we love France, we speak the language, the weather is better, and the wine and the food!!! We don’t have any children that need us, it’s just you, me and the dog! Oh let’s do it!! Please!” I mean I hadn’t put any thought into how we could afford to do this…but it seemed like such a wonderful idea.

I must have caught him on a good day because as sensible as he is (he’s a capricorn!) He said yes!! And so, for the last two years we’ve had a dream. Little by little we’ve been making plans, fine-tuning our wants, wishes and desires. 

We decided that we needed to get rid of all the material things that were tying us down, we wanted to experience a simpler life, and as for me I want to face some of my fears, I want a challenge! Oh boy – have we set ourselves a challenge!!


We decided that the best way to travel around France would be by motorhome and so we looked in to all sorts of models, layouts, etc etc. Oh my, do you know how many types of motorhome there are? It’s amazing and quite daunting. 

Now believe me, I know lots of people ‘do’ motor homing! We don’t! We do Hotels, we do staying with friends, we do ‘real bathrooms’  we do golfing breaks…we don’t do camping and we have never and mean NEVER traveled in a motorhome! We are totally green, we know nothing – so my challenge for the last year has been to read up on motorhomes, how to drive one, how the cooker works, how does a fridge keep cool, where does the bed go, what about the loo (well yes there is a loo) but where does it all go??? What about the water from the shower? It’s a minefield! Now I’ve read up on it and we have decided on the make and model of the van that we want. In fact we’ve put a deposit down and he should be turning up any day … I can’t tell you how excited I am.

Our new home is a Hymer B564 and he is called Harry! Of course as soon as we get him, I will be giving you the grand tour!



Ah yes there is the small question of money! And to be totally honest – we don’t have much!! Now I think a fair few people go off travelling on an adult gap year by renting out their homes – well we couldn’t do that! We needed the money from the house sale to fund our trip and so we will be cutting back, living frugally, and doing our very best to live within a budget. Whether this is successful remains to be seen but come along for the ride and see how we do!!



Well we’d love to leave as soon as the house is sold but of course life isn’t like that, we have other commitments that are going to keep us in the UK until at least September so that means that we will be moving out of the house and into Harry. Where will we live, well who knows? Watch this space!

Life is about to become very interesting;

I foresee, laughter, tears, frustration, happiness, and probably quite a lot of swearing (that’ll be me!!)

Join us, follow us and please encourage us!

10 thoughts on “THE PLAN … revealed!!

  1. An awesome plan! Big smiles for you! I applaud anyone who chases their dreams and sets out into the big wide world to seek adventure and new horizons. I look forward to following your journey, may it be filled with fun, laughter and memories galore!

  2. Hi, How wonderful that you are able to have such an exciting change of lifestyle. I love the new name here also. I have missed your posts especially since your “photo a day” and I’m looking forward to reading of your travels! I’m sure you’ll have some great stories to share. Best of luck to you 🙂

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