3 a.m. and wide awake!

Well, here I am in true “Me” tradition … 3 a,m, and wide awake, could it possibly be because of:

1 – Excitement

2 – Indigestion

3 – Insomnia

Actually it’s all three!! 

Number 1 – Excitement. Today we hired a van and moved all the boxes that I have so diligently packed over the last couple of weeks and put them into a self-storage unit. Today, being the day, that the builders down the road informed us that the water board were coming to dig holes in our already narrow road and our neighbour was having double glazed windows fitted so that was another two vans vying for parking spaces.  But the sun was shining and we had a stunning 25 degrees on the dashboard … I threatened the window fitters with a snarl and told them that under NO circumstance were they to park outside MY house, as for a couple of holes in the road that wasn’t going to hold us back!


We ferried back and fore, from the house to the unit and back, five times in all. Each time arriving at the house to load box upon box into the van, and then to the unit to unload the contents of the van on to a trolley and up and down in the lift to the first floor to stack as space consciously as we could.


We were shattered when we finished, I couldn’t believe that this was in fact our life, in a box, we shut the door,  had a celebratory kiss and had exhausted yet satisfied smiles. I couldn’t resist as the hubster locked the unit “Oh damn I forgot my lovely tye-die t-shirt, can we just get it out?” He chuckled very quietly and said “Sure, you go for it, I’ll wait here for you!!” 

And so there we have it, all the things that we, at present, value enough to pay to put into storage, to be honest, I still reckon half of it could have gone out!! But we shall see.


Having finished all of this, we then had to do two more trips, to deliver some large potted olive trees and cast iron garden furniture to one friend’s house and then another trip to another friend who is having our sofa and two armchairs. Not the lightest of loads! 

Which brings me nicely to Number 2 – Indigestion.

You can imagine how shattered we were, no cooking for us! A quick shifty on the internet, to the local Indian take away, and 20 minutes later delivered to the door, Chicken Karahi for me, Biriyani for the hubster all washed down with a very well earned glass of chilled white wine. By 9 p.m. we were in bed,  by 9:15, we were both snoring. Et voila, I’m now awake like a little bird! My stomach is gurgling and sounds as though I’ve not eaten for a week! I have a horrid taste in my mouth and am vowing no more take aways for a year!! (how true that may turn out to be!!!)

And of course that brings me on to Number 3 – Insomnia! Ah yes my old friend, never far away. 

So here I am sat at the PC, I’ve had my coffee – yes I know it’s a stimulant, I’ve even had a ciggie – yes another stimulant and I’m writing my blog – hardly the most sleep-inducing activity I could be doing at this time in the morning. But trust me, I know my body, I will wear it out and by 5 a.m. I’ll be ready to go back to bed to catch another 3 hours of zzz’s

I can’t believe that, we should have Harry by the end of the week, but believe me I don’t think for a minute all will go to plan. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed eh?

We really are starting to feel as though our adventure is beginning, wish us luck.



3 thoughts on “3 a.m. and wide awake!

    • We’ve just heard he’s arriving on Friday so yes of course you’ll get a tour before we fill him with all our crap!!! Just need to work out how to film a video with my camera now!!!

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