Charlie’s confusion

That’s it … down tools! I’ve had enough.  I’m walking around the house with a pair of nail clippers, some cotton buds and some blu tack, I’ve carried them from one room to the other, which pile shall I put them in? Honestly, I think I’ve lost the plot! I have lists coming out of my ears.

Piles in the lounge; things to put in Harry, things to pack away, things I’ll need until we move into Harry, etc. I’m like a whirling Dervish yet not getting anything done. So I’ve made myself a well earned coffee, with Demerara sugar because we have no granulated left and I’m not going to buy anything else to bring into this house. Yes it’s got to the point where we need to sort the kitchen cupboards out. 

Dinner was a treat, I had a sausage roll, some rather stinky cheese, and some wilted salad!  I’m trying to eat everything out of the fridge/freezer, some things in there, I don’t even recognise!!! (They’ve gone in the bin!) But I did round off my dinner tonight with some rather lovely home made melon sorbet so you see this moving house does have some advantages!


I think we’ve confused the dog though, we keep saying “Harry’s coming on Friday!” and I honestly believe he thinks it’s another dog or a long lost member of the family who we’ve never mentioned before. Poor Charlie, he is 14 and already losing it a little, he has now perfected the selective deafness to a T not to mention the snoring and wheezing! 

He’s managed really well with all the kerfuffle of us moving things out of the house and we have tried to keep the disruption to a minimum but today the house is really empty and echoey!  Although I do think walking on the bare wood isn’t easy for him, he’s trit-trotting around, it sounds like a lady in stilettos! Very odd and disconcerting. 

I followed him earlier on and observed as he tippy toed carefully into the lounge, I’m sure he wondered where the rug had gone, and the sofa, and the chairs not to mention the coffee table and there instead were neat piles on the floor – all the things we’ve arranged ready to go into Harry. Kitchen box, bathroom box, Charlie’s box, First Aid Kit, bedding, towels, stationary, paperwork etc.  

He wandered in and looked a little lost, he approached all the items on the floor, they’ve been accumulating over the last couple of days, but he looked as though he’d never seen them before, he made his way in between all the stacks, sniffing and checking them out, once they met his approval he moved on to the next box of items. He did the whole lot.



When he had completed his inspection, he turned slowly and sat at my feet and gave me such a look! I felt so bad, it was almost a “Do we really have to do this?”  look.  I really did feel guilty, so I sat on the floor next to him in his basket and gave him a massive cuddle. He will love life on the road, well he’ll just be happy to be with us 24/7. I hope he will forgive us this slight upheaval.


I’ve been incredibly organised and have already packed my clothes. But seriously,  think about it – what do you pack for one year away with limited space?

I started with a list (surprise surprise) and I’ve whittled away at it until I fear I may have been a little too conservative. I am taking:

2 x pairs of jeans

2 x pairs of cropped trousers

3 x pairs of shorts

various tops

thermal underwear


2 x fleeces

2 x jumpers, undies and swimwear!

And that really is it – it’s a good job I’m not high maintenance eh? All my other clothes are now in the storage unit so there’s no going back although I have threatened a trip to Primarque! So be warned it could be a boring year looking at the photos as I’ll probably be wearing the same thing every day!. The hubster on the other hand has avoided packing/selecting his clothes, I think he’s trying to play a crafty hand – I reckon he thinks there’ll be room left over and he’ll positively cram every spare inch with his clothes!!! He’ll be the dapper one in the photos then 🙂

Well, I don’t know if I’ll have time to blog tomorrow, in which case my next blog should be with photos of our new arrival!! Eeeeek!

May I just say, I’m loving blogging again and have been really moved by some of the lovely comments I’ve received from people who used to follow my blog 2 years ago! Welcome back.

So if you’re reading this (not fallen asleep yet?) please take the time to leave me a comment, it really does make my day and I’m sure your comments will encourage us as we go on our adventure.  Click on the Subscribe button and you won’t miss any of my posts. 

I’m off to sit on a lovely, rather uncomfortable garden chair … enjoy your evening wherever you are sat! 



4 thoughts on “Charlie’s confusion

  1. Oh my sweetie! this is it, so exciting, you are far to organised, I would be a mess! looking forward to meeting Harry xxxxx

  2. It’s amazing to me that you have been able to organize, pack away and narrow down what you are taking along on your journey. But the thing that I love most about this post is how concerned you are for Charlie. Most people would not worry what the dog thought of the whole thing, but you seem to be as I am, very conscious of your furry friend’s feelings as well. He is a very lucky pup to have you!

    • Well my little Charlie has been my mate and companion for the last 14 years I love him to bits and now he is in the autumn of his years bless his heart, it’s only fair that we look out for him. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, I will include a photo of him in today’s post!!

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