Best Laid Plans eh????

Sod’s law! We were all ready to receive delivery of Harry the Hymer tomorrow, we have the floor of the lounge simply covered with things that need to go into him … and today – guess what? Yep, he’s not coming after all!!

You see Harry was born in Ireland and needs to change nationality. He want’s to become a true Brit, actually he needs to be re-registered in the UK and so I’ll let you imagine the amount of paperwork involved.  So that’s it, Harry is on hold. We’ve had to cancel the campsite that we were booked into for next week (and lost our deposit as a result!) and now we are begging friends to let us kip with them until Harry makes an appearance. Fortunately I have a very good friend who has come up trumps, so come Tuesday when we have to leave our house we’ll be packing more bags in order to stay there.

Honestly, nothing is straightforward is it? But we’ll keep on smiling, dreaming and cleaning the damn house ready for the exchange on Tuesday.

I’ll make sure I update as and when and hopefully have some photos and who knows even a quick video of our new home!!!

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