All the paperwork …

First of all I would just like to say a massive thank you to all my new followers!

I do hope this blog will become more and more interesting as the time goes by, well it has to really because as Harry the Hymer is nowhere to be seen at the moment. So apart from moving house and becoming of ‘No Fixed Abode’  I’m afraid not a lot is happening with us.

Moving home this time has been quite stressful and the fact that we aren’t moving into another bricks and mortar house has made it all the more trying.  Just the fact of reducing the huge amount of belongings that we have to put into storage, coupled with gathering together, what we estimate we will need for one years travelling, taking into account the different situations we will find ourselves in and the changing seasons has been quite a task.

To top that off, we heard yesterday that our van isn’t ready and so we’ve had to peel off a certain amount of clothing, toiletries, paperwork, dog’s things to go off and stay with a friend. So we have now got our belongings, in storage, in a spare room at the hubster’s work premises, some in a friend’s garage, some in a shed, and some on the floor of the lounge, not the most perfect situation for sure, gosh I do hope we don’t forget any of it!!!

Something I have been doing is notifying services etc of change of situation and address. I’ve made a separate list on a different page here. Not everyone will want to have a look at it, but if you’re thinking of moving home, it could come in handy.  I will update it as I go along.  I just thought that I should be doing something useful!!!


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