We’ve gone and done it!

Hidden Gypsy indeed, did you think I’d gone into hiding?

Well there you go! The house is sold, we have no keys, we have no furniture, we have no home, however I must add that it’s not really that bad at all, although we both feel rather washed out and exhausted after all the packing, shoving, pushing and carrying! But here I am sat with a glass of Rose wine and a little dish of crisps!! We’re staying with a very dear friend who has opened her home to us, we are warm, cosy and comfortable and feel totally at home, although I’m very aware of our bits and bobs around the place!

It’s quite difficult blogging about travelling when I haven’t gone anywhere!

Here we are in the UK! So what can I tell you about the UK? Ah yes – The Weather! It has been appalling, (surprise, surprise) it rained constantly yesterday and our walk this morning was quite a slippery challenge!! Then this afternoon the sun came out, we pottered around in the garden, cutting back branches and potting up flowering tubs! And yes eventually I decided, after a long absence, to get the camera out and take some photos. They are no masterpieces but I’m really chuffed to be clicking again.


My friend encourages birds into her garden and it is truly wonderful, on this occasion the birds were a little shy but I was pleased to capture these lovely chaps especially the parent feeding the babe. Aren’t they adorable?Image


This evening as I’m sat here typing, there was a beautiful woodpecker and a parakeet on the bird table so who knows, maybe if we are here for any length of time, they will get used to me and I will be able to get a couple of shots, they are truly spectacular, unfortunately I don’t have a strong enough lens to take photos from any great distance and so I have to sit quite close and very still in the hope they won’t get too scared and fly away.

ImageWe are still waiting to hear news of Harry the Hymer, he is waiting for a certificate of conformity from Hymer, which is of course, in Germany! We’ve decided not to get upset about it, we can’t change anything, so we might as well just enjoy the time we have here with our friend, until she gets totally fed up with us and chucks us out!! (Oh wouldn’t that be awful?)

I’ve been absolutely blown away by the kindness of our friends, we’ve had so many offers of a room to stay in and it really makes you feel quite humbled by the kindness of folk. We will miss everyone such a lot while we’re away but hopefully with this blog it will keep us in touch with everyone who is special to us.  That’s the reason I’m asking you to leave messages, it will make the leaving so much easier.

Well dear blog reader, I’m off to fill up my glass!! and maybe fill up the little dish with special crisps!!!

Take care

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