Still Not Going Anywhere!

We are still staying with our friend. Today my husband went shopping and bought the local County Magazine and guess what? My photo has won star prize so it’s been published.  What a lovely surprise to see that it was a double page spread. I was so proud! I know this photo doesn’t really do it justice but I thought I would blow my own trumpet for a bit!!


I had such a lovely comment on my blog last night from cArol who mentioned Charlie so I took a photo of him today to show you that he really isn’t suffering at all, here he is on a rather nice wool carpet!! No floorboards for my boy, nothing but the best, can’t beat a bit of Axminster eh? I seem flippant but I must admit he is our priority, he will have a lot of changes ahead of him and we want the transition to be as painless as possible, after all he is 14 and used to living in a house, so we need to introduce him gently into his new “gypsy” way of life. I’m sure he will be fine as long as he is with us.

ImageHe looks rather overweight doesn’t he, I think it’s due to the fact that he is no longer up to his long walks and so isn’t burning off the calories!! I hate to cut his food down though, it’s really all he has to look forward to!

I went out again with the camera today and here are a couple of images that caught my eye…

ImageThis little terror is truly amazing ~ the acrobatics this chap will perform in order to steal bird food is unbelievable, however we cut down branches yesterday so his exploits have been curtailed!!

ImageI know these photos aren’t the best quality as they are very small jpegs but I sat on the other side of the bird table today and got the light behind the subject which gives a lovely silhouette of the birds.

I am desperately trying to understand this laptop and trust me it isn’t easy, going from a fabulous Imac to this foldaway,, I must admit, I’m not really enjoying this and I don’t have photoshop to play with either, oh poor me!! Don’t I sound ungrateful, I don’t mean to, it’s just change, especially with computers, I find I get so used to the one I’m using and then when things change it’s all very difficult.  Gimme a couple of weeks and I’ll be up to speed. I also hope that given a couple of weeks I may even have something interesting to blog about!! Fingers crossed eh?


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