The adventure begins …

Actually it doesn’t really but you’ll understand the title of this post in a wee while.

May I just say a huge thanks to all you new followers, I’m beginning to feel a little bit of pressure – I mean, really, a travel blog and I haven’t moved more than 3 miles!! It’s a bit of a farce really but hang on in there, it will happen – honest!

I’m thinking that the first month of blogging will be all about us getting to know Harry the Hymer, how does the leisure battery work, where do we fill up with water, come to think of it where do we fill up with diesel, where does the waste water go from the washing up and the shower, how about the gas cylinder, and I hate to mention it but there is a loo that will need emptying! (I’ve packed at least 6 pairs of rubber gloves!! not to mention a bulk buy of anti bacterial gel)

Firstly, let me give you Harry’s news, apparently he’s coming down to us on Monday, but this is not as straightforward as it seems. If only life were that simple. The dealer has now received the Certificate of Conformity from Germany and this has now been sent to the DVLA so that Harry can get British number plates. In the meanwhile the dealer is going to drive Harry (from Birmingham to Surrey – approximately 100 miles)  to us on trade plates, he is going to take it directly to the campsite that I have us booked into for a week. As there are no registration plates, neither the hubster or I are legally allowed to drive it. Therefore if after a week we still haven’t received the number plates the dealer will have to come all the way down to move Harry for us!! What a rigmarole! Well I suppose if it were easy it wouldn’t be such an adventure would it?


I have some very dear friends and one of my close friends presented me with these this morning! One for me and one for the hubster! I love it, although I’m not sure what reaction I’ll get when I wear it out and about – I think probably people will think I’ve just got married … ooh lovely a grey haired bride!!

T shirts 2 The hubster loved his but did say that he would wear it for private viewings only!!

Well that’s it for another day ..let’s see what tomorrow brings!

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