We’re in!


I have a coaster on my table, given to me by a very dear friend, it reads:

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you’ve imagined”




Harry by night


I woke this morning with a fuzzy head, may I say a fuzzy champagne head. That isn’t too common an occurrence for me and to be honest it was kind of nice! You see after nearly two years of having a dream and planning how to get there – we finally moved in and spent our first night in Harry the Hymer!

photo_2 (2)


Yesterday was a day of waiting, waiting and more waiting, thank heavens we had the weather on our side but I don’t think it was much fun for Charlie but we kept him cool and he had regular little walks.  The dealer was driving the motorhome down from the West Midlands (near Birmingham, middle of England … for our overseas readers!) down to Surrey, (which is south of London).

photo_1 (1)

We were meeting at a local campsite just 7 miles from the town where we were living. We sat near the car, under a tree for shade, eating ice cream until eventually it arrived, I saw it’s nose as it came around the corner and I don’t think I have been that excited since I was a kid at Christmas!

We had already chosen our pitch, with electrical hook up, on a gravel and level standing backing onto some woodland with a dog walk, perfect.  The driver popped Harry into place and we set about the hand over (which took two hours) … I can tell you now we’ve already forgotten most of what he told us. I think it’s going to be a case of suck it and see.

He started with the gas cylinders, then the grey water (from washing up, showers etc) then the heating, then the hot water, the sockets, the electricity – stop reading if you get bored, oh and the loo!


In a perfect world, we would have it parked somewhere, taking our time cleaning it inside and out and then putting things systematically in their new places. Oh no – not us, I stood in the van and the Hubster literally passed or should I say ‘threw’, one box after another and I ‘threw’ things into any space I could find, all the while one phrase going round and round in my head … “We’ll never get all this in!!”

Charlie The Wise. took up pride of place on the couch and watched us as we squeezed past each other to get to and from different cupboards and overhead lockers, we’re gonna have to lose weight, I tell you it’s a good job we’re married, it’s really is a tight squeeze!!!

Much to the amusement and curiosity of neighbouring campers, we crammed everything in down to the last teaspoon!! I don’t know what they must have thought, I mean how much does a couple with a dog need for a week’s camping? They have no idea that we are packing in everything we need for a year!!

I must say it was a little bit like playing house! Although due to the confined area I’m betting I’ll be getting some cracking bruises over the next couple of days, I must have smacked my head on every open cupboard door and banged my shin on every open drawer!

It was 8:30pm when we said ENOUGH! We’d picked up some nibbles at the local supermarket and had a bottle of champagne (waiting for over a year), which had been chilling in our new small but efficient fridge. We finished the bottle, half through celebration and half through sheer thirst after all our hard work.

photo_1 (2)

The Foreman

And so is it all going to plan? Eh not 100% we have niggles and we need to sort them out.

Our first problem was we realised poor old Charlie couldn’t get up the steps, they are metal and have big gaps in between them so that was priority number one. First thing this morning we went off and got two pieces of wood, the hubster popped a couple of hinges on them and then went to the local car accessory shop and bought two rubber car mats that have been tacked on for traction and now Charlie is getting quite confident at climbing up and down – he’s loving lying in the sun in his basket.


Harry has a double bottom (bit like me eh?) which means he has a massive water tank in-between the two floors this is for fresh water, it’s used for showers, washing up and flushing the loo. Now then the dealer and his mate, although very kind and polite were obviously aware that we were total novices and so I think they kind of flitted over certain aspects of the running of this machine and some of these are coming to light. Anyway back to the water tank, it is full and yet I don’t think for a moment the dealer filled it, so how long has this water been in the tank eugh I don’t like the thought of it!  I thought of ringing him, but even if he said he’d filled it yesterday I wouldn’t believe him so as a result I’m being a bit fussy and don’t want to shower in it, wash up with it and I certainly won’t be brushing my teeth in it! Thank goodness the campsite has super facilities, that come up to my OCD expectations!!


A lthough we aren’t legally allowed to drive on roads yet due to the licence delay we can drive it around the campsite to the motorhome service point, where we can empty the tank and refill it with fresh, clean water. I’m sure that’ll be an adventure, and there will be much scratching of heads!

I apologise for the photos, but internet access here is very patchy and I’m just grabbing quick shots now and then. I will give you a proper tour of Harry as soon as I can.




9 thoughts on “We’re in!

  1. Biggest thing from your very friendly camping friends… once you have finished putting everything away its very important to fill the water tanks and put a full tank of gas in it and then take it to a weighbridge, closet one probably is CHalton Tip in SHepperton…. to get it properly weighed, and get a print out… THis is very important you will have a maximum weight limit…. Also another very important thing to do is measure the actual height and width and length of it and write it on a piece of paper and tape it to the sun visor so you have it at a glance (for height barriers etc……) and finally for now you can get water sanitisor tablets to clean the water in the tanks…. Happy Camping friends… xx
    Love Mel and Mike xx

    • Any advice gratefully received. I know almost everything in theory! I’ve been reading up on it for over a year but it’s totally different in the flesh! The campsite is lovely and has spotless facilities so we’re managing – but each day is bringing us new niggles but we’re having fun trying to sort them out. After all it’s not as if we’re going anywhere, we still don’t have the plates, maybe we’ll be stuck in Surrey for the rest of our lives!

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