Where’s the … ?

Cool Dude Harry with his shades on!

Cool Dude Harry with his shades on!


We didn’t sleep particularly well last night, the pull down bed is very comfortable but the person who is nearest the windscreen has less headroom, as a result it is slightly claustrophobic! We each tried being next to the window and I think we shall have to persevere! Tonight we are going to try the other bed just to see what the difference is. Musical beds at midnight eh?

I woke at 3:30 am and climbed over a sleeping husband and clattered down into the van. I’m most ungainly under normal circumstances but in the early hours, with slight ‘sea sickness’ (the van does move especially when you turn over in bed!!) it’s not a pretty sight! Charlie glanced up at me and gave me a look of disgust! How dare I wake him from his blissful slumber?

I decided the only option was to go out for a ciggie, so I pressed the button to lower the electric steps, I’m sure they don’t make that sort of noise during daylight hours, I waited to see if any of our camping neighbours put their lights on, no, I was safe.  I lit up and stood under the stars. Next thing I know the bleary eyed hubster is coming to join me. We stood chatting and giggling in whispers – it such fun, it was like being a teenager, I half expected someone to shout, “Keep the noise down!!” We’re suffering the consequences today though.

Harry the Hymer is small, OK he’s bigger than a VW Golf but trust me when you have all you need for a year, a husband and wife and a dog, not to mention the dog basket, it’s small!! There really isn’t a lot of floor space, we’ve discussed it and we feel fine about it but it wouldn’t be for everyone! We soon realised that it’s the way you pack things that helps and when you use something you put it away, in it’s place as soon as you’ve finished with it. The phrase we’ve used the most since we’ve been in Harry is: “”Where’s the … ?” We spent an hour today looking for and eventually finding a roll of sticky tape! It reminds me of going through customs when you think,”Oh please don’t stop and search my bags, I’ll never get it all back in!” Our cupboards are like that, everything in it’s place in boxes!! So obviously each box has to be pulled out, rifled through and then put back again, I’m seriously thinking of labelling each box!!

While our camping neighbours have installed chairs, tables, washing lines, satellites, etc etc outside their caravans and motorhomes, we have … a dog bed and a bowl of water! Today we decided we’d drunk enough coffees standing-up outside and made our first real purchase, two chairs! Well, we have to keep up with Harry, he was looking rather dapper today as he sported his shades!

photo_2 (4)

As for Charlie, he’s been an absolute star, he lies outside like a little lion, he watches the world go by, he lies there watching squirrels and ducks scratching away on the grass and doesn’t make a sound. Normally he would be barking, whining and straining to get to them. He did let out a tiny, little squeak today when a motorbike went past and that truly is Charlie displaying amazing control.


Last night a very special friend came to visit and as we supped our glass of chilled white wine at the table, with the window opened to it’s fullest setting, we gazed out at a couple of campers pitching a tent and another couple lighting their bbq, we could’ve been anywhere! It was fantastic, just like being on holiday.

I’m so excited that we will be travelling to France in Harry, I can’t wait to see the views I will have through this same window, the sea, the mountains, the vineyards, the countryside, supermarket car parks and let’s be honest probably some pretty grotty sights too. I’m looking forward to sharing them with you:)

photo_2 (3)

Should we write on this … ideas on a postcard please!

The ramp that Daddy built!

The ramp that Daddy built!



4 thoughts on “Where’s the … ?

  1. this is my bedtime story. I have been camping since i was in my 20,s its the best way of life. I have wanted to live in a mobile home since i was 20. i am still working on my husband.Why do you need all this furniture, kids have flown. I WANNA BE FREE . xx

    • I think I’d been camping just three times as a youngster – we had never set foot in a motorhome!! But I caught my husband off guard one night and asked “what have we got to lose?” and he said yes (a moment of weakness I hope he won’t live to regret!!) But we are really loving it so far, but it’s early days yet…we’ll see. Seeing the other campers around and how relaxed they look I’d say go for it!!! Only have one life!

  2. I must say it all looks lovely, I did giggle about you clambering out of bed in the wee hours, and the lack of space… but we are creatures that adapt very quickly, Michelle, you will have that space so precise very quickly. Its the way you work. My love and best wishes with you and Hubster x x x x

    • Thanks Jackie, it really has been a baptism of fire, but we’re really enjoying it although it definitely helps having the sunshine on our side!! We hope all is well with you xx

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