Wet behind the ears …

… and behind the neck, the legs and the feet, yep today we tackled all things H2O and got quite wet in the process!

Ok if you’re not interested in all things technical, (like me) you may want to wait until tomorrow’s blog! If you’re interested in how two total novices got soaked then please read on!

Right, our motorhome and I’m sure hundreds of others has two tanks on board for water, one needs to filled with fresh tap water and this is the water that comes out of the taps, the other is empty and fills up with waste water or what is classed as “grey” water, this is the water that gurgles down the plugholes in the sinks and the shower so it’s relatively clean but may have products such as washing up liquid/shower gel/shampoo etc in it.  This one needs to be emptied.

We don’t know how to do either so today as the sun was shining we decided to bite the bullet. We aren’t allowed to drive Harry on the roads yet but we can manoeuvre him around the campsite and so after feeding and walking Charlie we set about preparing for our first road trip all of … less than quarter of a mile to the motorhome service point within the campsite grounds!!

I started in the bathroom, securing the shower doors, closing the wardrobe doors and attaching the lock, closing and locking the window, checking all the bottles were wedged in! Then the living/dining/kitchen area, first the windows, checking all the drawers had the locks on cups and plates secured and wedged in with tea towels. Take the table down, check the overhead lockers, install Charlie’s basket and water bowl on non slip webbing.

Then close off the gas in the outside locker, unhitch the electricity cable, flip the switch on the fridge to 12 volts instead of 230 volts, and then make sure the steps were retracted….

What a palava! Just to go a couple of hundred metres!! But it was funny – checking, double checking, we worked well together and no swear words were used!

Right – ready for the off, oh the mirrors, they are so big!! This is the first time we’ve been inside a moving Harry! He started first time and off we went, the cockpit area is massive and of course Harry is Left Hand drive, so the hubster appeared to be miles away! Charlie lay beautifully in his basket and all was going well until we went over the first sleeping policeman, the large drawer under the fridge shot out and there was a clash of glass on glass…bottles! I quickly leapt into action like a nimble ninja warrior into the back and secured it and all was fine, no breakages!! (Actually I was more of a doddery old woman, tottering along holding onto the counter and the table but don’t tell anyone.)

We drove around the campsite (it is one way so no obvious obstacles!) and arrived at the motorhome service point. There is a tap, a grid in the ground for “grey” water and a manhole cover with a hook for lifting it for “BLACK” waste (I’ll let you work that one out for yourselves) I’ll explain all one day, honest, even if you don’t want me to!

I jumped out and directed the hubster (with much flailing of arms and ridiculous hand signals, we’re definitely going to have to work on that!!)so that the nozzle on the side of the van was over the grid. Perfect first try!

photo_1 (7)

Harry’s little willy

We parked up, opened the outside storage locker and turned the tap – easy peasy out poured the water! I was so chuffed. Come on, how difficult can this be?  Then we found some other little nozzles and decided to empty them too, we weren’t quite sure what they were for, but the water from these didn’t come out of the same nozzle and so Harry peed all over the floor and all over us!

Harry having a very big pee!!

Harry having a very big pee!!

This is when the hubster decided it would be a good idea if I manoeuvred Harry into place so that the water went down the grid and yay I did it and I must say it was surprisingly easy.  It’s quite impressive, he’s very, very, big when you are sat behind the steering wheel!

As we didn’t have a hosepipe (now on our ‘Need List”,  we couldn’t fill the fresh water tank so we took Harry back to our pitch and “I” reversed him into his spot!! I can’t believe it! OK I know there weren’t any other cars, it wasn’t on the roads but for me it was a massive achievement and I felt as happy as Larry, or should that be Harry?

We then filled up the fresh water tank using collapsible water carriers not forgetting to put in some special water purifying tablets, thanks to Michael and Melanie for the tip xx

photo_2 (6)

These get very heavy when full and you get very wet when filling them from a tap!!

Inside Harry is a control panel which tells you how much water (in both tanks) you have except ours doesn’t seem to be working so we manually opened the hatch in the floor of Harry to verify.  To do this, you have to engage a rather inelegant position so I let the man do it!! I mean really can you imagine me hanging out with my legs akimbo, it’s not very dignified is it?

photo_2 (8)

The hatch in the floor

photo_1 (8)

Clean water cap and water pump

photo_2 (5)

No comment






We did it! And in celebration I decided to do some washing!! (In my brand new, very green bucket!)

I really don’t know what the DVLA are playing at!! We already have number plate!! (Prezzy from hubster’s friends!!)

photo_1 (9)

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