Sleeping arrangements

Well today has been a bit of a scorcher and so I’m sat here with all the blinds down in a bid to keep Harry as cool as possible, it’s not unbearable. I have all the windows open including the skylights.

There has been a flurry of activity on the campsite today with people arriving for the weekend. I’ve been observing, I mean we don’t know anything about camping so this is the best way to learn.

Well, it seems to be “de rigueur” that as soon as the van or caravan had been parked, the lady of the van gets the chairs out, he fills the kettle with water and then out comes the table, the parasol, the Tupperware box with fruit cake in, the plant pots and they then sit for a cuppa cha, normally not talking to each other but watching the world go by. Then as soon as that ritual is over, the chap (always the man!!) goes to the side of the van and pulls out a plethora of tubes, pipes, buckets, barrels, clothes and brushes!! He fills things, cleans things, rinses things,  wipes things, it’s exhausting! I swear we will never be like that, we have only just bought a bloody bucket!! We don’t even have a water hose, we’ve been filling by hand, not the most conventional of campers are we?

Then when he thinks no-one’s looking he removes the toilet cassette – he toddles off and empties it. I saw him 🙂

I promise I will tell all on that front but I’m scared that if I go into too much detail too soon, I’ll lose all my followers, who by the way are now in the 230’s!!! Isn’t that incredible, on Wednesday we had 71 views!! Who’d have thought…?

Anyway today’s story is all about sleeping (or not!)

Harry the Hymer is a 4 Berth motorhome, but believe me if 4 people were in here for more than a day, World War 3 would break out! Ok back to the beds, we have a dining table which is removable and on either side are two benches that each sit two people (2 thin people, who keep their elbows to themselves!) the table fits between them and there is an extension and spare cushion and that makes up into a double bed which is a pretty standard set-up in most motorhomes and caravans. Harry is special, he has an over cab pull-down bed which means we can leave it made up and  don’t have to set it up every night.  Here are some photos to try and explain the principal.

photo_2 (2)

This is how Harry looks in a normal position for driving, of course it helps when the blinds open!!


We flip the passenger seat around to face the living area and then lay the two seats flat


The black catch is released and the bed is on pneumatic struts and it lowers into place all made up and ready for beddy-byes!

And there you have it, sounds simple doesn’t it? The person who sleeps nearest the windscreen has to be the smallest of the two … ie: me!! and trust me it’s quite a low ceiling and there is this very strange covering that encloses the whole bed and trust me when you wake in the middle of the night and see the ruched fabric for a moment you think you may just be in your coffin!! The other downside of course is that when your husband or partner is lying on their side it makes the enclosed space seem even smaller! Then of course there are the pee-pee stops in the middle of the night, and no I’m not too proud to admit it, but yes I do need to get up in the small hours especially after a hot day and I’ve been downing loads of water. So please just have a look at that bottom photo and imagine me being furthest away and having to climb over the hubster (in a backwards position in order to find the top rung of the ladder in pitch blackness … trust me … it ain’t pretty!! (just as well it’s pitch black eh?)

Well we’ve slept in the higher bed once both with our heads on the left hand side. That didn’t work, so the following night we tried facing the other way – another no go!  Then we had a night on the dining area bed, not recommended – far too much of a kerfuffle at night getting all the bedding, etc. so last night we tried head to toe on the upper bed and it worked apart from once I woke up and my husband had a vice like grip on both of my legs, apparently I’d kicked him in the face!! Well what can I say?

I’m absolutely loving this kind of lifestyle, although I still reckon we could throw more stuff out and to be honest we’ve been so very lucky with the weather, I wonder how I’ll feel when I come back from a walk with a wet dog and muddy boots and when it’s cold and miserable. The manager of the campsite came to see us today, I thought we were in trouble, (guilty conscience!!) but believe it or not he was offering us a job! He said he’d never seen any of his campers look as happy as us – so therefore we are officially “Happy Campers”!! Anyway we declined his offer for this season but they are very short staffed so I may pop over and see if they have a small part time position for me during the day. It’s definitely something we would consider in the future and it really did give us a huge confidence boost.

Now then, today we also decided to test out the cooking facilities, we only have a three ring gas hob so that didn’t take long, light it, does it work, yes. Bingo – job done! As it’s been so fine over the last week we’ve eaten nothing but salads so today we decided Gourmet Cooking was on the menu for lunch.

photo_1 (1)photo_2 (1)

Ok not exactly Nigella Bites but trust me they were delicious.


I have a little confession I have to admit to, when I sit here and write my blog, I do like a little glass of chilled white wine! I must admit, it’s always been a rule that I never drink on my own but I’m not on my own am I? I know this is a terrible photo but this is Charlie last night at the table with his water bowl!!









2 thoughts on “Sleeping arrangements

  1. oh just fab, and being offered a job , top notch. well we bought a geroge foreman grill with gridd;e one side so we could have bar b q in or outside , you can also do oven chips on the lined side if ou follow. you need a torch also or a touch light for the night, try top to toe sleeping or have you?. you need an outside mat to save muck coming it a a little clothes line of sorts. sleeping bags were as good as duvets if not better.stain remover and travel soap a good idea also.instant mash,tinned spuds also good.long lfe milk helps as standb if ou have room. and use the shopping bags for your rubbish to go in. might remember more as i go . you lucky girl xxxxxxxx i was

    • Oh you do make me laugh! You won’t believe this but a lady has just come over and invited me to see her George Foreman grill and she was doing steak and chips! Didn’t gimme any though!!!! You definitely need to get yourselves a motorhome! Go on – do it!

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