The Joy of Just “Being”

Here we are on Day 6 of living in a Motorhome, what do I think so far? I am absolutely loving it, yes we’ve had some fantastic weather which has certainly made it so much more pleasant however two nights ago we were treated to Mother Nature’s wrath and she put on a superb show of thunder, lightning and an absolute downpour in the middle of the night. It clattered down on the roof as we lay in bed, it was amazing. I’m normally a bit of a scaredy-cat when it comes to storms but this was fascinating. I got up and went outside to drop one side of the awning so the rain could run of it. That was at about 4:30am and the sky had the most incredible pink hue to it, it really was like looking through rose-tinted spectacles, something I’ve been accused of on more than one occasion!!  True to form, red sky in the morning – shepherd’s warning, since the storm, the last two days have been far from glorious but that hasn’t dampened my spirit, I still sit with the awning up protecting the open doorway and keeping an area dry outside and Charlie loves lying out there in his basket snoozing or just watching the world go by.

What have I learned after a week? Well I don’t miss my house, (I drove past it two days ago and I felt nothing!), my garden, my dishwasher or any of the mod cons. I have revelled in organising Harry the Hymer, although this really is a work in progress, trying to find the correct place for everything. It has been a sheer delight watching the site wardens mowing the grass while I’ve been sat in my new chair! I’ve loved walking across to the facilities block with my green bucket full of dishes to wash and coming back and drying them off and putting them back in their place, we have 4 cups, 4 plates, 4 bowls, 4 glasses, 4 mugs, 4 knives, forks and spoons! A couple of saucepans and a salad bowl. It’s just so simple! Washing T-shirts or undies by hand is no chore and I really must show you our latest purchase, a lime green washing contraption (notice the green theme is coming along nicely?) When I think of the kerfuffle of setting up my rotary line, the washing basket the pegs and how come I did so much washing? I would regularly do at least a load every two days, here I wear a t-shirt wash it at night and that’s it.

My new washing line!

My new washing line!

I have loved just “being”, sitting outside or inside and watching the world go by, picking up a book, writing my blog, listening to music, playing with the dog, chatting with the hubster, pottering with the van, cooking. In fact really it’s just doing the essentials, I appear to have eliminated all unnecessary chores and tasks which seemed to have taken over my life! If I were at home even on a lovely sunny day I would somehow manage to feel guilty if I were to sit in the sun and relax for more than an hour or two, I would have a nagging voice telling me the beds needed changing, the hoovering had to be done, the grass needed mowing, the car needed washing or even worse jobs like painting and decorating were always there in the back of my mind. This last week, I’ve found I brushed the dog every day, because I wanted to – it was not a case of, “I really must brush the dog”! I appreciate that I’m not working and so there is that element that makes me extremely fortunate however even in the past when I’ve been off work, I’ve never felt as free as I do now.

One of the most important things I’ve noticed is because of the layout of the van, the hubster and I sit opposite each other when we eat and that is wonderful, we talk, we laugh, we gaze out the window, we had become far to accustomed to sitting on the sofa and watching the TV whilst eating. We have no TV here and if I get my way, we won’t be getting one! We have the laptop so if we need to we can download something off the internet and we have a stash of DVD’s that we brought with us for boring days. Today I think I excelled I managed to cook, steak, sautéed potatoes, green beans! It was truly scrumptious! It wasn’t the most organised of cooking due to the lack of space but I’m sure with time I’ll get some sort of system in place. It probably didn’t help that Id set the table first and therefore deprived myself of some extra work space!!

Lunch for two

Lunch for two



Steak on the menu

Steak on the menu


What I don’t like about living in Harry the Hymer, is the fact that we still haven’t sorted out the sleeping arrangements but trust me, we’ll get there in the end. At the moment there is more movement in this van in the middle of the night than there is during the day, we just can’t seem to settle, I put it down to excitement!! Ha Ha who mentioned rose-tinted spectacles????

2 thoughts on “The Joy of Just “Being”

  1. thats the way girl, thats why i loved camping holidays you just dont need that that stuff we clutter our lives up with.Mind you the winter hasnt arrived yet and by that time you will be in warmer places. the clothes line is what i meant.i dont know what you have planned for heating but we had a little fan heater it also acted as cold air when it got hot. did you get the torch? Derek had a fab fathers day to day. my leg has to be dressed every other day with MANUKA HONEY dressings. its hurting a lot. gail is coming to see me monday morning jackie boyle is also some time next week. not confirmed yet. perhaps you should get some solar lights to put somewhere outside for ou walk a bout at ight, xxxxxxxx

    • We have heating, little vents along the skirting boards! We tried it just to see and it was really good, we’re hoping we won’t need it too often! We have two torches and a rechargeable wind up lamp which is really good. I do hope you’re feeling better you’ve really been in the wars recently! Please give my love to Gail and also Jackie when you see them. Much love xxx

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