Sex change!

I bet the title of this post has made you curious!!  Well it’s just I’ve noticed while I talk about Harry the Hymer, I keep calling this van ‘her’ and ‘she’ so I’m afraid Harry’s had a sex change, her name is now Harriet but we’ll call her Harry for short cos she’s a tomboy!! (my sister’s idea) Ta sis x

Next I really must say a huge thank you to all the new followers who have checked in and decided they want to follow us, I promise, we will go somewhere soon, have a little patience!

We are constantly making lists of what we need, where to put hooks, shelves etc and little by little Harry is becoming more and more practical to live in.  I’m still loving the simplicity of it all. Although I must be totally honest – we still haven’t got the sleeping arrangements sorted, (it’s on our ever growing list). I have suffered with sea sickness for the last couple of days and was in two minds as to whether I should go to the chemist and get some Kwells!! This baby rocks, literally, and although during the day when I’m moving about it’s fine however when I’m in bed it really does make me feel a bit sick. It’s a small price to pay though to be able to live this kind of life.

So after a week of being kind of cut off from my usual walks with my friends and their hairy four legged friends, yesterday I got my doggie fix! In a superb caravan parked next to us are a couple who have two of the most beautiful Golden Retrievers, George and Oscar. I was so chuffed and inspired I actually got my camera out and that hasn’t seen the light of day since we moved in to the van. I’m now feeling as though I want it to hand again just in case!

george and oscar small  george small   Oscar  small

This morning I had a superb walk at my old stomping ground and was shocked to see the blackberries are starting to form! I always feel a little sad when I see the blackberries as for me it is a definite sign of Autumn, blimey we haven’t left yet!! I do hope we get to leave the UK before the end of the summer.

photo_2                                                                           photo_1

Tonight’s blog will be a short one as I have a mass of paperwork that has been building up so I’m afraid that has to take priority!

Hope you enjoy the pics.

4 thoughts on “Sex change!

  1. yes i was shocked to see those blackberries. the months are passing so quickly . i have had a touch of the winter blues already. i see the kids school uniforms out in the shops, i think halfway through June nearly July soon September. i have even planted my bulbs for next spring. something is happening in the world , BUT ENJOYED YOUR BED TIME STORY XXXXXXXX

  2. I started thinking “Aww man, I’m going to miss Harry” but then as I read on I thought “Yay, long live Harry!” Out of interest have you made a list (amongst your other lists) of where you’ll be travelling to? And are there any must see places you’re aiming for?

    • Nah we couldn’t get rid of Harry!! We’re planning on going to Calais and then deciding which way from there! We have friends moving to Malaga, (how convenient!) we have some friends in the Dordogne region and some more down near St Jean de Luz in the south, and then it should be winter so we’re thinking maybe going on down towards Portugal, who knows? Have you got any recommendations? I just don’t understand why I’m still not getting any of your blog notifications and I’ve tried leaving you a message on a few occasions and it didn’t work! Sorry, I just love reading your blogs, they always manage to make me chuckle out loud and that’s a skill. Well done you. I must say I’m loving being back in the blogosphere again. Keep in touch.

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