Slippery when wet

The excitement never ends!! We are now the proud owners of a motorhome WITH number plates!! They arrived in a cardboard box swathed in Bubblewrap. We lovingly stuck them on Harry and their arrival was celebrated with a glass of bubbly!  It’s been the most unconventional way to buy a motorhome but we are definitely getting there, albeit slowly. Its been a real baptism of fire and we are definitely learning on the job!! We are getting to the point where we are itching to get going even if it’s just for a day trip! We’ve been here for a week and apart from driving Harry over to the motorhome service point – we’ve been nowhere!!

You lovely people will be aware that we are struggling with the sleeping arrangements, I think I’ve sussed it out! The van isn’t parked on an absolute level, it is ever so slightly listing forward!!  As a result when in the overhead cab bed, the person at the front (i.e.: me) rolls into the windscreen – hardly conducive to a good night’s sleep, waking up with your face squished against the window!  It was decided to get Harry up on chocks, bright, yellow wedges that you place under the wheels and then drive up onto. Armed with the spirit level on my iPhone, the hubster behind the wheel, I stand in front of the van giving directions (well telling him when to stop!) I was useless! I was so worried he would drive right over and land with a thump. Erring on the side of caution, I would give the stop sign far too early, we would check the level and then have to reverse the van and start again, I think by the fifth time of going up the ramps I felt a little more comfortable and gave the signal to stop. Done! The result is noticeable, so last night sleep was accomplished, either because of the ramps or through sheer exhaustion through not sleeping properly for a week, whichever but at least I woke up on my back looking at the ceiling!

Chocs away

We also have a new alarm fitted (required by the insurance company).  It’s a great system and easy to use (just as well if I’m meant to be operating it!) It has a snazzy facility whereby at night we can sleep with the windows open and it has a perimeter setting so we can set the alarm and yet still get up to go to the loo or make a cuppa in the middle of the night without waking everybody around us with the wailing and screeching (and that’s just me not the alarm!) It also means that should we need to leave Charlie on his own in the van he won’t set it off by moving around. Phil Boxall fitted it, and I would highly recommend him so feel free to get in touch if you need his number for alarms.

Today we awoke to a little rain – another day and another motorhoming lesson learned! On re-entering the van, after walking Charlie this morning, in my pjs, flip-flops and half asleep I realised that the floor becomes very, nay very, slippery when wet!!  My feet slid forward and I could feel myself going down in slow motion I just managed to grab the counter as I went down, breaking my fall but very nearly bringing the kettle (fortunately not boiling at the time) on top of me! So change of shoes at door essential when motorhoming in the wet!

I can’t believe the change in Charlie, at home (in the bricks and mortar place) he was a bit of a mardy dog, a whine, a squeak and generally attention seeking, here he is a chilled, cool dude, watching the squirrels play, I can’t believe it!  OK he will let out a little squeak if the squirrels come too close or if they are playing a little too boisterously, or if George and Oscar (the dogs next door) get too excited but seriously it’s like having a different dog. I’m finding it quite difficult to get to terms with, I keep jumping up and checking he’s alright and true enough he’s just lying happily in his basket.

Cool Dude Charlie

I must admit I too have been squirrel watching today, they are the cheekiest things I’ve seen! They have targeted a tent which is pitched up opposite us, the owner has gone out for the day – well that’s asking for trouble!  I did attempt to shoo them away a couple of times and soon realised this was totally ineffective, as soon as I returned to the van, they were at it again. What’s a girl to do? Yep, grab the camera and get some shots of the cheeky blighters.

I'm not going in honest!!

I’m not going in honest!!


Really I'm not!!

Really I’m not!!


Quick, Now, no one's looking!

Quick, Now, no one’s looking!

Butter wouldn't melt!!

Butter wouldn’t melt!!

4 thoughts on “Slippery when wet

  1. Hello again! Congrats on getting the plates! I’m so enjoying reading of your adventures even tho’ you haven’t gotten on the road yet. (I hope that this doesn’t post twice. I commented earlier and it said “comment cannot be posted”)
    So I love that you have learned so much already. It’s amazing what downsizing can do for you. It looks like Charlie has the best bed of all. 🙂 I’m happy that he is happy, too. It’s great that you got things all level now. The squirrel photos are so funny. They don’t come very close to us here but when I visited London we fed them by hand in St. James Park. They are quite smart and determined little characters aren’t they? Have a great week. Looking forward to your next post!

    • Hi there! No it didn’t post twice. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog, I love writing almost as much as I like talking!! We’re having such a ball and can’t wait to get going, we’re thinking of starting in Calais and then deciding whether to turn right or left!! Isn’t that exciting. The squirrels did make me laugh and I had such a chuckle when the chap returned to his tent! The wardens came along earlier and were having a chat and a laugh with him, I can only assume they were talking about the little devils:) I shall watch their antics and keep you updated. I really hoping to get a shot of a fox who visits early evening … fingers crossed. Take care.

    • meant to tell you about changing shoes, it saves brining in dirt as well, but dont leave any leather ones outside the fox will eat them. and the blocks we had to have them also. xx

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