Your one essential item?

We had a devil of a job packing for this trip, I mean, how on earth can we really know what we will need for a year away? We’ve guesstimated so many things, only time will tell if we have got it right.  I have already noticed a couple of things that are missing, we have two champagne glasses and 4 large tumblers but we don’t have any wine glasses so maybe we need some little stubby glasses – that’d do the job nicely.

Notice the bottle's empty!

Notice the bottle’s empty!

As the title suggests I’ve been thinking today about the one thing I couldn’t do without (apart from the hubster and the dog!). For me it has to be my espresso coffee machine! I just love my coffee! I know it’s a relatively, bulky, large item to bring but I drink so much coffee that it would surely cost us a small fortune if I were to have an espresso at café prices every day during our time away. And so my coffee machine is packed neatly in a little cubby hole and I have a selection of different coffee pods that I will look forward to drinking. Have a think, what would your one item be? We are normally surrounded by so many possessions that it’s difficult to see what is really important to us.

My little bit of luxury

My little bit of luxury

I think meals will be a bit of a challenge, we have just three gas rings on a hob, no oven, no grill and no microwave, cooking on the hob in itself isn’t a problem but the gas rings are so close together that it makes it extremely difficult to fit more than one saucepan on at a time! Thankfully the hubster is an amazing cook and I’m sure will come up with some cracking meals. So far, as it’s been fine we’ve lived on salads and easy cook meals. Today I cheated and bought a precooked roast chicken from the supermarket and it was indeed scrummy. That’s my kind of cooking!

This afternoon I’ve made it my mission to work out tyre pressures and weights…exciting life I’m leading at the moment. You see, if you’re not a “motorhomer”, you have a weight limit for each axel, and an overall weight limit, so our fully laden weight is 5500kg that includes everything we are carrying plus the driver, a tank full of fuel and the fresh water tank full of water. There are weight limits per axel, front and back. I’ve been down on my knees, crawling around under the steering wheel, in the passenger foot well, checking the inside of the doors, on the back of the drivers seat looking for the details. I eventually gave up and went outside for a cuddle with Charlie and lo and behold there fixed to the outside of the van is a plaque with all the details! Doh!! As for the tyre pressures, I couldn’t find them, there is a psi on the actual tyre but that isn’t the figure I need, according to the warden!! He’s recommended about 65-70 – not an exact science then!!

In plain sight

In plain sight

I’m doing all of this because I’m hoping that soon we’ll be able to go on our first trip, We will head up to the north of England to say goodbyes to friends and family, before coming back down to the south of England to tie up any loose ends before taking to the road proper. I’m so excited and yet at the same time extremely nervous. I do hope that we will manage this van, it seems incredibly large when sat at the steering wheel, I think it’s partly due to the fact it has the most huge panoramic window, it’s a little bit like being in a fish bowl!.

I’ve discussed with the hubster that I don’t want to be just the tea maker,  I really want to be an integral part of this journey and so we have agreed that we will take it in turns driving (unless of course I cop out!) I’ve learned how to fill the fresh water tank, how to empty the grey water and even the toilet cassette, I’m determined to be a help. The hubster has great faith in me and simply said “Why wouldn’t you be able to drive it?”

I will leave you with a couple of shots of today’s view out of the window. Although this campsite has 200 pitches it’s lovely and quiet where we are.

view from my table                                          view to the front



6 thoughts on “Your one essential item?

  1. Seeing as you haven’t yet driven further than the campsite amenities area I really hope that the Hymer lives up to expectations when you start your epic journey and that the fuel costs are not extortionate oh and that everything stays in place when you encounter your first roundabout!

    Would love to meet you before you leave but with work etc I guess that will be a bit difficult.

    I look forward to reading your updates via this blog and Facebook.

    Good luck!

    • Oh Steve, if you hope that, imagine how we feel!! It’s really quite nerve wracking! I’ve been researching this idea for over two years, that’s when I got this brainwave:) I’m sure we’ll be fine, we adapt quite easily, but if we had to stay here for a year – I’d be happy lol!! I’ll make sure to batten down the hatches before we drive off and cross fingers. Yes it’d be good to meet but if we don’t – do keep in touch, I want all your news about the new venture.
      Take care!

  2. get a george foreman grill thing, cheaper version argos with the black ribbed plate, you use that for oven chips, also get a halogen oven , you cook everything you cook in a regular oevn in it, its the size of a dinner plate, self cleaning and the food is smashing, defrost bake grill boil everything. about 24 pounds robert dyas or argos. you wont need our cooker so can store stuff in that. the tre pressures are usally on the place where you fill up with petrol on that flap of if ou store gas bottles in there somewhere. xxxxxx jackie came to see me today. so kind and all the m and s girls . xxxxxxxx another nice day friday. where abouts up north are you going xxxx

    • Thanks so much for all the info, I’m making notes of it all:) We’ll be going up to Cheshire which is where we lived before we came down here and my sister and her family are still there, so it’d be lovely to pop up and see them and our friends and say goodbye before we leave. I’m so glad you’re getting visits, it makes such a difference, please say hi to all the M&S girls for me. Lots of love xx

  3. The thing about adventures is that whilst you enjoy the sights and sounds of new places, you also get to scoff down some yummy local cuisine, which means the cooker can take a break more often than not!

    • Oh Dave you know me so well, that’s just what I’m hoping. The hubster is a cook so we are going to have some fun! And actually there is no cooker!! Just three gas burners and they are so close together I can only really get one pan on at a time…it’s going to be interesting 🙂

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