Photos and visits

Sunset through the hedgerow

We were treated to a superb sunset last night, I sat out and watched until it disappeared – a sign of a good day today and true enough it has been lovely. There were a couple of rabbits at the end of the field and I went as close as I could to try and capture them but they weren’t having any of it, in fact I’m sure this one turned his back on me on purpose! (By the way is it a rabbit or a hare?)

Blurred Hare

I was thinking the other day about the lovely people we’ve met since we bought the motorhome;

1 – the chap who cut the wood for Charlie’s ramp, didn’t charge us a penny!

2 – the wardens on this campsite have given us no end of advice, for free!

3 – the alarm chap, Phil,  gave us a cable that we needed to connect our phones to the speaker, no charge.

4 – one of the guys that works here, let us borrow an extra long hook up cable for a couple of days, when we realised ours wasn’t long enough.

This is all within a week, it’s amazing the kindness of people, it may be no big deal to them but it has helped us no end and made the transition so much easier.

We had a visit from some close friends today, and with the permission from Dad, I have the utmost pleasure in sharing some photos of his daughter who is just delightful. She thought Harry was great especially the drop down bed, “Oooh, let’s have a sleepover!!” she climbed up the ladder and had great fun pretending to be asleep! Who’d have thought a bed could be so entertaining?

Layla in black and white



Layla in bed 2


Layla in bed

Another milestone for Harry today, I’m pleased to announce that she received her Road Tax disc. She is finally road worthy! Just one more piece of paper and she’ll be ready for her first outing! At last 🙂

Harry's tax disc

Today we made another purchase – we bought a DAB radio, that is both mains and battery operated. While we are travelling, when we aren’t hooked up to the mains electricity, we’ll be using the 12 volt leisure battery for our power. We thought it would be better to not have an extra drain on it. It’s good to have the radio playing in the background and to be able to catch up on the news although it has been very peaceful without it. It’s dinky and doesn’t take up too much room and has Bluetooth. Honestly by the time we’re on the road we’ll be hooked up left, right and centre!!

 I had a little chuckle last night, just as it was getting dark, a motorhome pulled up on the pitch next to us. They pulled in and the gentleman got out and placed chocks under the front wheels and the lady sat behind the steering wheel. Given how useless I was at giving instructions the other day, I thought “Aha, this must be the way to do it, I should drive and the hubster should give the instructions!” I watched discreetly to see how it’s done properly.  He made “come forward slowly signs”, the van heaved it’s way up the chocks, quarter way up, half way up and then the chap gave the signal to stop – too late! – the motorhome lurched forward and shot off the end of the chocks, the gravel spat out from under the rear wheels and the motorhome came crashing down making a huge clatter bang as it landed! They set at it again and eventually managed to get it half way up the blocks and called it a night! So maybe that isn’t the way to do it after all!  I’m sure we’ll manage to do it properly eventually, in the meantime I shall keep an eye out to see how other people do it!!

I’m just so pleased to have my camera to hand again, it really does make such a difference to my day … and any of you who know me will know that I couldn’t finish a blog without a couple of photos of my boy!

Charlie's Eye

Charlie's nose




6 thoughts on “Photos and visits

  1. was in too muchpain esterday to read, the thing is to have longer ramps so you get a run up when you park. loved the sound of the radio does it also have the time on it.

    • Oh Yvonne I’m sorry to hear you’re in pain, there’s nothing worse. We are looking at getting some new Milenco chocks, they look much better and more solid that the freebies we were given with the van…I’ve had such an amazing day today, hope you enjoy reading about it! The radio is a Bush radio, half price at Argos, now £50 (not cheap but has been used well so far) it has an alarm and all sorts, I think it even makes tea!! ha ha:)

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