All things Toilet!

OK I’m going to do it … I’m going to talk about the ‘loo’!

I must start by saying I currently have nearly 250 followers on this blog and I’m guessing that just maybe after this post that number could reduce dramatically!!  Actually, you’ll soon see that it really isn’t so bad at all.

I will of course write about this in as discreet a way as possible, but it appears to me that everyone is fascinated as to how we manage with the loo!

But before all that, I must tell you that we had a visit from a caravan repair man yesterday.  He replaced the mechanism on two of our windows, so they are now ‘as new’ and lock properly, which will be essential while we’re away.  He also fitted our new sink in the bathroom which is now a pleasure, the old one was pretty grotty, it was stained and discoloured and we found we couldn’t even brush our teeth because it looked so grubby. The new one is white, bright and shiny! It’s lovely, and now we can wash our  hands with soap and water – we’ve been using quite a lot of anti bacterial gel over the last couple of weeks. This is a real improvement.



Right! Are you ready, here we go – TOILET TALK!! This will be especially useful for those of you considering motorhoming (I believe it’s the same kind of system for caravans) or for those of you that just happen to be a little curious as to how we go about the business!  I could write this in a witty and funny style although I’ve never really been a fan of toilet humour so I will tell it as it is!!

In the bathroom, there is a loo, it is white moulded plastic, and for all intents and purposes it resembles a normal loo. However, when you lift the lid,  there is no water in it. At the base of the loo is a handle and when this is pulled, a blade that covers the base  inside the bowl swiftly shifts to one side and thereby creating a hole that gives directly into the cassette/box that is situated underneath.

So you lift the lid, then when finished, you flush the loo, and pull the handle. Easy peasy, not at all disgusting.  The cassette is accessible from a door on the outside of the motorhome. You pull out the cassette, and empty it.

Loo cassette

The cassette situated in the cupboard.

Now this is where I have a problem, it has a capacity of 17kg!!  That’s quite a weight for me to carry across a campsite. I will refrain from making any unsuitable jokes at this juncture! (Although I can think of many) 🙂

From day one, I’ve said I want to help, I want to do all the jobs, I want to understand how things work, I want to get involved. I also think it isn’t completely fair that the hubster has to do this job alone, and so a solution had to be found,  yesterday we bought a rather nifty pair of wheels so that I can do the dirty, so to speak.

And so with my shiny new wheels, a new pair of bright yellow, Marigold gloves, I set about the job in hand.

How can anyone look so happy going to empty the loo?

How can anyone look so happy going to empty the loo?

I wanted to prove that I could do it on my own! I opened the door, pulled out the cassette and attached it to the wheels with the elasticated cables.  I toddled off to the loos, I felt like an air hostess!!  Although I think the rubber gloves gave the game away!

At the toilet block there is a special room with a large, stainless steel, deep oval basin, above it a cistern complete with flush and on the side is a tap with a hose attached. You simply take the cassette pull out the nozzle and remove the cap then tip up the box and press a button which releases the contents, I truly thought this was going to be disgusting, I had visions of me gagging and running back to get the hubster to finish the task at hand! In fact, it is simply blue, blue disinfectant, blue liquid which pours out, no smells, no splashes, nothing offensive in the least! You then use the hose to rinse out the box, pull the flush, job done, back to the van. Before replacing the cassette, you pop in a dose of the magic blue solution and you’re set for another 3-4 days. Easy peasy! See not as bad as you thought, is it? However, (yes there is always a ‘however’)when abroad, I know that there aren’t always the easy facilities as we have here and more often than not there is a manhole cover to remove, I’m not quite sure how I’ll manage the weight of the cassette if I’m crouched down over a hole in the ground, as long as I don’t fall in I’ll be fine. I’ll let you know how I get on. So there you have it, toilet talk made clean, I hope it will satisfy your curiosity, inform you and if nothing else make you happy that you don’t have to do this!!

Last night, I was on my own and so decided to have a bit of a shuffle with the cupboard contents to make everything as practical as possible, I put on our new digital radio and it was a fabulous. A lovely hour or two listening to some really great tracks from the 70’s!! I found myself disco dancing in the van, I’m sure my neighbours, especially the 80 Dutch students must think I’m totally mad but hey who cares, I was happy and enjoying myself.


Disco in a box!

I had a visit from a very special friend and her lovely dog today, we had a wonderful day, sitting in the sun, chatting, catching up and had a delicious lunch sat under the awning of Harry. I tell you Harry knows how to give a welcome. So far, everyone who has been to visit, has loved Harry, she’s a beauty. We are loving her. The weather is fantastic and it’s just like being on holiday. In fact that was a conversation we had at lunch time, what is a holiday? By definition it would suggest that it is a time when you are not working but as I’m not working why do I still get that holiday feeling? I think this will make a suitable subject for another blog post!

Well I was going to finish my post just there when I glanced out of my window and look what I saw, how cute is this? Sorry if it’s a little blurred but it’s not easy to take a sharp image in a hurry through an acrylic window!!


Take care




4 thoughts on “All things Toilet!

  1. Hi from you next door neighbour pitch 14 lol, you are doing remarkably well for newbies on the camping scene. Well done xx

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