Just another Friday!

Today is Friday!

For me, one day is very much rolling into another, in fact, so much so, they are all beginning to feel like Fridays!   So as to make today special – I’m sat here with a little dish of dry roasted peanuts and a glass of Rose wine. Yes I know it’s becoming a habit! A very enjoyable habit nonetheless!!

Normally today would be Dustbin Day, but that’s a thing of the past! No more carting unwieldy, heavy, wheelie bins to the front of the house.  One thing I certainly won’t miss is the fact that our neighbour often took ours by mistake (yeah I bet!) and we ended up with his smelly bin!!  I keep telling you life is so much simpler now, you must believe me.

Sepia boat

There has been a bit of a flurry on the campsite today with it being the beginning of the weekend, there have been quite a lot of new arrivals. I could spend hours watching people turn up, pitch their tents, organise their caravans and motorhomes.  We’ve been here for so long now that I feel like I belong here, in fact last night the 80 Dutch students didn’t return until after dark, I was actually starting to worry about them like a mother hen! They did come back and this morning by 9 a.m. they were all packed up, on the coaches, and gone, never to be seen again!

It’s a very transient style of living but surprisingly I have met quite a few people, they all have different stories, different reasons for being here, not everyone is on holiday. Obviously some are here just to chill out, they park up, relax and never leave the campsite, others are here for work; there were a couple of plumbers who had a job in a local town and rather than stay in a hotel, brought their tents and made a couple of nights out of it, some people are visiting family, but  there is one lady who I find inspirational, she must be in her late 70’s and she has a little van, no bigger than a Citroen Berlingo and she is on her own, apparently she’s driven down from Scotland. She sits in her deck chair reading, and on occasions goes out for the day. I so want to be independent like that when I’m in my 70’s.

The Weir

We’re finding that each day we wake early, normally 7ish which is early for us! We potter along slowly, coffees, ciggies, seeing to Charlie and getting dressed have all become a very laid back affair, I don’t worry what I wear, I’m certainly not wearing any make up and there seems to be no hurries or stresses.  I wear the same clothes day in-day out and they don’t seem to get dirty, a quick hand wash in the evening and they’re back on in the morning! At home I would have changed three to four times during the day and had the washing machine on every other day. In fact I’ve changed so much that it was only yesterday that I found out where the laundry is, why I bothered I don’t know,  as I have absolutely no intention of using it!!  (Well maybe to wash the duvets before we leave!)  By the time we’re up, dressed and ready, we’ve normally decided what the job of the day is! Yesterday was the overcab drop down bed! It was clanging, squeaking and making all sorts of  a racket when we went to bed, I’m really not sure what the neighbours must have thought, and I shan’t be asking! Back in the 60’s and 70’s there was an expression “If the van’s a-rockin’, Don’t come a-knockin'”, however our bed was so noisy, we had resigned ourselves to sleeping, head to toe, on the “put me up” in the dinette area! Aha, not any more, last night we slept on the drop-down bed and it was wonderful, not a squeak, oh how I love WD40!!

Vivid Daisy Compilation

We also received a delivery of the third and final window mechanism for the bathroom window. So tomorrow I think that will be the priority , tomorrow is also the turn of the water pump, we’re convinced that our water should be flowing better than it is. I shall keep you informed.

I walked down to the river this afternoon and took a couple of shots and then had a fun hour playing with the results, ok just Boats and Daisies but such pretty little flowers that are so easily overlooked. Hope you like them.

Daisy in Sunlight

Perfect timing, I’ve just finished my wine!!

Cheers 😀



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