Love yourself!

The way I see it, is that if you love yourself  – you won’t mind being on your own. I’ve never had a problem with this,  rarely feel lonely, I can always find something to do, I potter, I clean, I sort, I rearrange, I talk to myself although rarely answer myself which is good news as apparently that’s the first sign of madness! Don’t believe it for a minute!

I woke this morning feeling quite sociable, I’d texted a friend to walk the dogs together, she had guests, another friend works on a Sunday, and another friend was going out to lunch with the family, so it was just me and the dog!

I get the hint!!

Never mind I thought I’d go to the  woods where I’d surely bump into somebody, no one, not a sausage, zip, nada! Well I think everyone is avoiding me!! I did actually question whether the clocks had been changed and nobody told me!!  Ah well I have my dog and my camera, what more could I need?

Sunday Morning walk

It was a lovely walk, the woods were quiet and calm, apart from a couple of dogs that crashed over to play with Charlie and quickly realising he is an Old Age Pensioner and incredibly grumpy, there was no way he was going to participate they soon left and chased after their owners. I started off on a grassy area that has recently been cut back and the smell was superb having rained yesterday, it was so good to be out in the sunshine again. I made my way into the woods past all the places that we, the dog walkers, have names for, this photo shows what we affectionately call The Cathedral.

The Cathedral

And this is what we call the Face Tree, can you see it? It looks like he’s winking!

Face tree

There are benches dotted around the woods, inevitably some of them have plaques or inscriptions on them dedicated to people who once enjoyed walking in these woods. They give welcome respite at times, others have simply become ‘Biscuit Benches’ where the dogs rush as they know that’s where we dish out treats!!

Bench Montage

After much thought I’ve decided that when I pass on, I would dearly like a bench here in the woods where my friends can have a seat and remember me. I would like it to somehow be activated when someone sat on it and they would hear a gentle piece of beautiful music or a poem being read, as they sat and enjoyed the view, I have an artist friend who works with  audio and sound – “the sonic realm” – (sorry that’s a private joke!!) so maybe she could organise it!! The darker more cynical side of me did think it would be so funny yet very naughty that if when people sat down,  they would hear my booming voice …. “BOO“!! but there’s a fair few that would probably have a heart attack and come and join me on the other side.

There are some lovely plants up at the woods, one of which is the Pink Himalayan Balsam which is in fact a terrible weed, it takes over everywhere and all dog walkers know to pull it out at the root when it’s found. When the seed pod of this plant pops the seeds can spread up to 7  feet!! So I took the photo and then pulled it out!

Himalayan Balsam                Reach for the sky              foxglove

Charlie found the walk hard going this morning and is now lying at my feet snoring. He’s a good companion, he’s always there for me, he doesn’t mind that I talk out loud to myself and is more than happy to sit with me on the benches in the wood and get his breath back and have a rest.

Charlie's walk

Have a good Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Love yourself!

  1. ah that wa ssmashing, so peaceful. I often think where would i like my ashes to be, not in the crem thats for sure, i thought at the roundabout into woking so i could see who went in and out, or several ther places but still havent managed to choose… I think we just sleep and not know anything or go anywhere. I would love to think we all met up but no one has come back to tell us…yet.

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