Photos and thoughts

OK we have now been in the motorhome for nearly a month! Where on earth does the time go? They say “Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself”, well I must be having a ball!!

I was wondering this morning if there is anything I’m missing from living in a ‘real’ house, the answer:  nothing is really missing but we do only have three electricity sockets and so as now for example, I have the radio plugged into one, the laptop into another and the mobile Wi-Fi in the third and I’m just thinking a coffee would be nice, so I’m trying to work out what do I unplug and is it worth the hassle? When we have things plugged in there is a spider’s web of wires which are strewn across the van, I know, I know – it’s an accident waiting to happen! (I’m answering my Mum!!, that’s what she’d say if she could see us!)

My Mum passed away about 10 years ago and I often wonder what she would have made of our mad decision to sell up everything and live in a van! I am quite superstitious and believe that my Mum let’s me know she’s around and sends me strength and good thoughts. This manifests itself in the appearance of white feathers. It’s something that I have experienced on so many occasions, far too often to be sheer coincidence. I don’t expect anyone to believe me.  However, today was a case in point, we are ever so slightly stressed out (hard to believe isn’t it?),  it’s all down to solicitors, I know they have a job to do but we do feel as though we are at their mercy and they seem to be working ever so slowly! Anyway I was sat outside pondering our situation and wondering when things would sort themselves out,  I saw a white feather float down out of a tree (in true Forest Gump Style!) and land on the roof of Harry! Less than an hour later we received an email from the solicitor telling us of an advancement … yea thanks Mum, we’re another step closer to leaving and embarking on our adventure. So I guess she’s giving us the thumbs up:)

Camp view

The best pitchDanger

Yesterday was a ‘wet’ day, but we played cards, mastermind, had a stroll in between the showers, took some photos, and had some friends over for dinner last night. All good fun. Charlie is an incredible dog, even on a wet miserable day, he manages to stay clean and dry!

Weeds in front of bridge           A day on the water         A Prickly Landing

I have been so busy settling into this way of life that I have put my greeting card business on hold but was delighted to receive an email to say I’d sold one of these, ironic isn’t when you think it’s the opposite of what we’re doing!! If you’d like to check out my greetings cards you can find them by clicking on the card below!

Moving to UK

The staff at the campsite are so meticulous everything looks wonderful, they don’t let the grass grow under their feet, they are always ‘doing’ something. On arrival there is a mass of colour from all the flowers, and yesterday I saw these lovely roses, I’ve added a texture of dented copper to them to add a bit of depth. I like the result.

Roses on Copper






Actually it would make a lovely greeting card. I also have cards and other items for sale at, feel free to go and have a sneaky peek, you never know you may find just the thing you’re looking for. I may as well do a little bit of advertising after all we have a trip to fund!!

And I think I’ve kept the best photo till last, I really like this one, not sure if you agree, let me know

The Bridge larger




8 thoughts on “Photos and thoughts

  1. Love the photos and glad you have progressed with the solicitors. I believe we are watched over and in the white feathers too. Z

    • Thanks Rose, I think we may just be getting closer to the departure date, but too nervous to get excited just yet. I’m going to reblog my poem about white feathers for you to see!!

  2. I have the thing with the white feathers also. the photos are smashing, the bridge one i think looks like an olden day type if you follow what i mean. very nice calming. I think you should ask the site people about multi sockets holder with cut outs i know we have one with 6 sockets with individual switches on them, we had it for camping saves taking one out and putting another in. went in to work last night, daughter no 2 took me in the wheelchair as foot swollen. i cleaned the wound with surgical spirit and got told of today by nurse, said i have killed of the pink cells that were making upto heal the wound. oh well done it now. xxxxxxxx

    • Oh thank you Yvonne, I’m glad you like the image of the bridge. Yes I agree we must look into the socket situation and of course when we leave we will be on 12V only or gas! Your foot doesn’t sound good! Do look after yourself won’t you and say hi to everyone for me xx

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