The need for peace.

As nothing is happening on the Travelling front, I am going to share some of my thoughts with you … tough!!

I believe most people who have met me would describe me as;  friendly, extrovert, ever so slightly crazy, vociferous and maybe a little loud, I would describe myself as An Aquarian! – you get the picture? There is another side to me that most people don’t see, I don’t try to hide it, it is part of me!

starburst sunflower I, like most people, have the need for peace.

Yet whenever I mention this, I’m met with looks of incredulity! Why, for heaven’s sake? I’m not the Duracell Bunny, I can’t be buzzing all the time! Even people who know me well find it so totally hard to believe that I want time on my own.

Due to the hubster’s job being evening work, I have evenings on my own and I love them.  I’m in my element when all is silent, no TV, no radio, no talking, just sitting at the computer and all I can hear is the click of the mouse and Charlie’s breathing as he sleeps by my side. I do wonder how it will work out when the hubster and I are together 24/7, it’s not like we have another room we can go into, to escape each other!

People think I’m some kind of party animal but I’m not, I love fun, I love talking, chatting, going out for a meal, dancing while I’m ironing. singing (badly) when I’m in the shower and having a glass (or three) of wine, as much as the next person but I think because I’m so enthusiastic, people think that I must be like that all the time! That certainly isn’t the case. I simply have as the French would say “Joie de Vivre” literally “a joy of life”. I love life, I love meeting people, I love socialising but I love my own company too. I can always find something to do and am seldom bored.

I like to sit with my photos and create images that please me,(and hopefully others) I can work on an image over two or three days and it will be with me as I go to bed at night and I’m constantly thinking how to improve it. I love thinking, yes hard to believe I know, I think I come across as quite a flippant person but I’m actually quite a deep thinker, especially when it comes to “working out” people, they never fail to bemuse and confuse me!White flower green centre

I love writing, although I’m not that confident at it. I relished writing my post the other day,  “A different type of post for me” and as much as I enjoyed it, it felt very odd posting it for all to see! I feel much more confident in writing poetry even if it is quite simple.

I have a very special friend who I walk my dog with and we can start the walk with the general chit chat but quite often our conversations can become quite profound and so totally fascinating that they will stay with me for days.

So here I am sat at my computer, cup of coffee on one side, a delicious bar of chocolate on the other,  in a motor home, the only sounds I can hear are Charlie snoring, the odd muffled voice outside, the clicking of the keyboard and the occasional aeroplane soaring overhead, I have played with a couple of photos which I’ve put in this post. I couldn’t be happier.

Sunshine Hook                  So what about you? What is your “me time”?

Do you read?



Whatever it is, it’s precious! For me, it’s like recharging my batteries, so maybe I am a Duracell Bunny after all!

May I just take this occasion to thank all of you who have recently started following this blog, I’ve been truly amazed and incredibly thankful that you feel this blog is worth reading! I only hope it will become ore and more interesting as our adventure takes off! Many thanks once again.




6 thoughts on “The need for peace.

  1. I love your pics, and musings luv, keep it up. I love reading, thank god for my kindle and iPad xxx

    • Thank you, I used to read so much but now not so much. Oh by the way, have you read The Other Hand? It’s a brilliant book and they have a copy of it up in reception for the taking!!! If you haven’t read it, you really must!

  2. As always I LOVE your blog. You star Hope this week is a good one xxxx

    On 5/7/14 17:52, “Hidden (formerly takingsnaps)” wrote:

    > posted: “As nothing is happening on the Travelling front, I am > going to share some of my thoughts with you … tough!! I believe most people > who have met me would describe me as;  friendly, extrovert, ever so slightly > crazy, vociferous and maybe a little loud, ” >

    • Well it’s Monday and so far so good. We’re parked up in the car park! Had loads of neighbours visiting, the suns out. It’s brill. Andrea coming this evening for a drink and no doubt giggles! Xx

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