Cheating at Wild Camping

I’m back up on Cloud 9 although I only went down to Cloud 7.5 for an afternoon, waiting for paperwork to be completed.

Yesterday, as it was our 28th day at the campsite, we were obliged to decamp off the site for one night. Wild camping! Ooh how exciting, how scary! I’m afraid we cheated and stayed in a local restaurant car park!! It was fabulous, as it was slap bang next to our old house.  No sooner had we parked up than we had visits from neighbours and friends. It was so lovely to see them, and the kiddies from next door were fascinated by Harry, how do we sleep, how do we cook, where’s the fridge, what about the loo? Having seen the delight on their faces I realised that’s why I’m so happy here, I’m just a big kid!!

I had a friend come over bringing with her a bottle of something Pink and Bubbly, I can tell you that went down a treat, as we sat, catching up, in the car park on sun chairs in the evening sun. Sounds awful but trust me it was heavenly. If I can be happy in a concrete car park I can only think I’ll be delirious if we stay in a vineyard in France!! I’m going to be hell to live with, I’m actually beginning to feel sorry for the hubster being cooped up with Little Miss Happy Pants for a year!!

As the sun went down we prepared for the evening and bedtime, now of course we didn’t have mains electricity so we were reliant on the leisure battery for electricity and gas for cooking. WARNING: Techie bit coming up – well not too techie cos I’ve no idea what I’m talking about!

In Harry the motorhome, we have two batteries, one is a starter battery (the same as you would find in a car) which gives a short, sharp, burst of power to start the engine,  the other is a leisure battery which lasts longer (I think it’s called deep cycling!) whereby you charge and discharge repeatedly. This battery is charged by the vehicle running or by being plugged into mains electricity or even solar panels if you have them fitted on the roof.  Inside Harry, above the door, we have a control panel which tells us exactly how much charge is in the leisure battery. Sounds brilliant doesn’t it? The trouble is, the random figures mean absolutely nothing to either of us!! We kept pressing the button and reading out the figures and we’d nod and say ‘right!’ very knowingly but we really didn’t understand a thing. All we do know is that it’s essential that you don’t run it down to less than 50% of it’s capacity or you’ll find yourself in schtook! (But we don’t know what 100% is, so that kind of defeats the object!)

As a result we spent a lot of last night turning lights on to see something and then turning them off just as quickly, I nearly resorted to candles at one stage but we went to bed instead. This definitely needs more research otherwise we’ll be spending the next year in the dark and come winter we’ll be going to bed at 4 in the afternoon because we’ll be too scared to use the lights.  Honestly, if I’d designed this control panel there would be an alarm that would tell you to STOP!! Why didn’t the manufacturers think of this? Some kind of power thing, no doubt!

Another thing we discovered last night is that our fridge, (we were told to “Just flip it over to 12 volt when you’re not plugged into mains”) yeah we did that and guess what? the whole damn thing defrosted while we slept!! Water everywhere, Ice trays defrosted, soggy mushrooms,  food to chuck – so thanks for that little pearl of advice Mr Dealership Man! Harry’s fridge likes to be run on Gas according to the manual, why did I listen to the man??? Oh well, at least the fridge got a good clean out!

So today we are back at the campsite, we had the choice of two pitches, both on grass rather than the hardstanding we’ve had for the last month.  One of the pitches was in the sunshine which really appealed to us, however, the other was under a tree right next to the river,  it was a lot cooler for Charlie, (Charlie’s wellbeing was the decider) and he’s loving it. It’s cool and no gravel to upset his tender little paws! And instead of squirrels to watch;  he has boats, geese and moorhens this week. He seems much happier and he was already very happy before. May I also add we are plugged into the electricity so no worrying about using the gadgets (ie: lights!!)

Although I haven’t blogged for the last two days, well there isn’t a lot to report unless you want to know what we ate for lunch!! I have taken a couple of photos and had a play around. These popped up the other night and I know I probably shouldn’t say this but I found it all a bit scary!! All the red tents pitched in a line, the large, communal, dining table and even the picnic boxes were red! I’m not sure who they were but they’d left by the time we returned to the site.

Red Tents

The red cult have set up home.

One of my camping neighbours has and cracking motorbike, I gave it a bit of HDR treatment, I really love the effect. It has a gritty, oily effect which I think suits it brilliantly.

HDR motorbike wheel

HDR Motorbike Wheel

Fire Safety Point


And lastly, this colour isolation image of the Fire Safety Point. I think that Colour Isolation can be overdone and I’m sure you’ll have seen endless photos of phone boxes and letterboxes (she coughs, tents!) but I think this one appealed to me as firstly it’s a different subject matter and it has the very delicate red triangle on the left of the image which draws the eye. Well that’s what I think anyway!!


As I sit here now, we are experiencing the mother of all thunderstorms, Charlie is hiding in the bathroom! We had one clap of thunder and I’m sure Harry jumped!! I’m not sure how long it will go on for but I’m not overly keen on thunder and lightening so on that note I shall bid you a good night as I go and hide in the bathroom with the dog!!

10 thoughts on “Cheating at Wild Camping

  1. Oh Michelle! Loving reading your blog. Every day is an adventure!

    On 8/7/14 17:45, “Hidden (formerly takingsnaps)” wrote:

    > posted: “I’m back up on Cloud 9 although I only went down to > Cloud 7.5 for an afternoon, waiting for paperwork to be completed. Yesterday, > as it was our 28th day at the campsite, we were obliged to decamp off the site > for one night. Wild camping! Ooh how exciti” >

  2. Good to have you back on site, the wheel looks awesome I’m Sure Dave (husband) will think so too, we leave on Sunday, so it’s bound to rain while we take the awing down xx

  3. Hi loving the blog and your news. Sorry about the fridge did you get a manual at all? Glad your back on the site but do hope you have some positive news soon.

  4. Yes you’re close to the river which is a great view but has it’s downside. Can you ask to move into Alisons space on Sunday? Z

    • We’ve had to book in for another week so we’ve asked for a hardstanding with no trees! Bless they’ve been ever so busy. But I’m looking forward to a week with no bird or duck poo!!

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