Introduction to a New Page

As newbies to this whole motorhoming malarkey – we learn something new everyday. And today’s lesson is that when you pitch under trees to provide much needed shade for your beloved pooch. Guess what? Birds sit in the trees and what do birds do? Yep, SHIT, I’m not going to mince my words – they have shit all over Harry’s roof, all over Harry’s windscreen, all over Harry’s awning and all over my brand new chairs. So Mr Warden and company, if you’re reading this – you are no doubt having a good old belly laugh!! Yeah, well it’ll take a bit more than birdpoop to wipe the smile off my face!!! So there!

Another thing you learn pretty early on, is that at 7:30 to 8:00 p.m. – it’s BBQ time, beware there will be smoke billowing from the left, from the right in fact I do believe we have smoke coming up through the floorboards, the only downside to this is that if you haven’t eaten, it makes you feel absolutely starving! Out with the crisps then:)

A couple of absolutely, lovely things happened to me today, for which I have no photos, so I shall pop in some that I’m fond of.


I was sat drinking my coffee this morning, Charlie was lying in his basket next to me, something moved under the van. Out popped a little, baby robin. He hopped onto the basket and was no more than 8 inches away from Charlie’s nose! He then had a little flutter and flew up on to the back of my chair and looked me right in the eye, no more than 3 inches away! Stunning and totally charming:)

Charlie's nose

Then I walked the dog and bumped into two very, dear friends and we had a bit of a catch up while standing in the sunshine … glorious. It was a real tonic and a bonus as we hadn’t planned to meet.

On returning to the campsite, sitting admiring the view, my phone rang, it was a lady I didn’t know! She had been onto the website and had wanted to order a canvas of one of my photographs. The chaps that run the website informed her that the photo wouldn’t print well, in the top, right-hand corner of the image there was a bright spot due to sunlight, the photo itself looked fine but were this to be printed it would just appear as a big, white blob. Not exactly what you would want hanging on the wall!

the mill2611124

Did this lady say “Oh dear, What a shame.” and hang up. Oh no, this lady, who I think, must be a little like me, googled me, found my telephone number, gave me a call, told me the problem and asked if there could be a solution. I tell you, we women are a resourceful lot! After I had spoken to her, I found the image file, had a play with it and uploaded it to the website, she was then able to place her order! Yay! High Five to the ladies. I probably shouldn’t say this … but obviously I will … I bet the guys couldn’t have sorted it out so quickly and efficiently!

I did feel a little sheepish in that I hadn’t done my job properly in the first place, it’s just I get so excited and enthusiastic, I just didn’t take the time to go over the image with a magnifying glass … lesson learned!

Silent Pool18111211

The good thing that came from this episode is that I popped my thinking cap on! I’ve come up with a really simple idea, I’ve had so many enquiries about my images and it’s impossible to get quotes for cards, prints, canvas’s etc. there are so many different mediums, formats and sizes.

So, I have a new page on this blog called: IMAGES FOR SALE. Simples!

I’ve already uploaded a few and shall add to the page. The idea really is very simple, one set price for the high resolution file of one of my images.

As you know while we’re travelling, we won’t be earning and this would really help fund our trip and maybe even pay for the odd meal out every now and then.

Let me know what you think? Is this a good idea? Tell your friends, your family, the milkman, strangers in the street … anyone!! Is there an image that you’ve seen that you like the look of, you could make personalised birthday cards or calendars! I have high resolution files of most of my images from my blog, as it is today and from when it was called Takingsnaps.

Little Red and White Bumble Bee

So given that the birds have had some fun today,  I shall leave you, dear, blog reader and go and get a bucket of warm, soapy water and clear up the mess!!


4 thoughts on “Introduction to a New Page

  1. hi where are you now, have you moved from the previous surrey site. sorry not been well so havent felt like comp. beter today. i know i would like a special xmas card for Amanda who has gone to Australia. you will remember her Irish lovely lady. xx just thinking in advance xx

    • Hi Yvonne, I’m so sorry to hear you’re still poorly. No we’re still here and now hoping to be gone by the end of the month, but it’s not up to us unfortunately!! Yes I remember Amanda, she was really lovely, Australia, how exciting, you must have a look through my images if there’s something you like, just let me know…I know there is one of a Red English Letter Box covered with snow which is really pretty, maybe I could do something with that for you?

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