I was told off by a total stranger!

My Bestie!


Oh dear the embarrassment!

Whenever we take Charlie in public with us we always make sure he’s ’empty’  so that he doesn’t ‘go’ when we are on a high street or somewhere in public. I always carry the essential supplies of Doggie Do Bags and I know it isn’t a la mode to be walking along with a black bag full of unmentionables, I feel as a dog owner it’s something that must be done. I absolutely hate dog fouling and cannot honestly believe that some dog owners don’t clear up.

We went shopping to the local town this morning and as we were walking along the high street I was aware that Charlie was showing more interest than usual in the trees that lined the pavement. Although I knew he was empty – he obviously had the need to take a pee!

The street was busy with Saturday morning shoppers and ahead I could see a kindly-looking couple sat on the pavement, outside a church hall.  In front of them was a trestle table, heaving with various bits and bobs, I could see old faded silk flowers, ashtrays, little ornaments, a couple of second-hand stuffed toys etc. the usual bric-a-brac, that children like to spend their pocket money on.  As we approached, they nodded and smiled at me and then at the dog, Charlie does seem to have that effect on people.  Charlie pulled to one side, there was an alleyway and a bit of scruffy, dry, scrub land strewn with litter. Being a responsible dog owner, I thought it would be better that Charlie ‘go’ up the alleyway rather than on the pavement. I encouraged him to do his wee.

He lifted his leg for a nanosecond and walked back to the pavement, it was a false alarm, he had no intention of having a wee, he was just being nosey.

“Oy, that’s a flower bed there!!” bellowed the man at the trestle table. I could’ve died! “Oh I’m so sorry,” I stuttered,  “I thought it better he wee up here rather than on the pavement and it wasn’t a proper wee honest”, I was sweating and looking around for support, I could tell from the hubster’s back as he continued down the pavement that he was sniggering!) I can’t believe he walked off and left me!!  

“We’ve just planted that!” growled the man – I looked back at the dry, and if I’m honest, totally unkempt piece of ground with one solitary, leggy, petunia which had obviously self-seeded from last year, and one geranium, now with no petals at all, and a collection of sweet wrappers and empty soft drink cans. Now I’m no Charlie Dimmock  (For my foreign readers she’s a female, celebrity, gardener in the UK, who’s actually more well-known for the size of her ample bosom and her reluctance to wear a bra!) but even I could see that this ‘flower bed’ certainly hadn’t been watered or cared for, let alone just been planted as the man proclaimed. 

He was lying! Why? Why would he do this? Why would he ‘have a go’ at a middle-aged, white-haired lady with an elderly dog? He was raising money for the Church, what a kindly soul … NOT! I think he was a horrible man, who obviously got a kick out of making someone feel really bad. Had Charlie peed all down the wall, all over the plants (had there been any) I would understand, had I let the dog foul the pavement and not cleared it up, again I would understand, but this was sheer spitefulness.

I’m quite sure that he will tell a different tale to his friends, ” ‘Ere – I told this old bag off this morning cos she let her dog pee all over the flower bed!” Do you think that’ll make him feel better? I’m 53 years of age and people still manage to amaze me, fortunately it’s normally that I find people amaze me in a good way and men like this are in a minority.

I don’t know whether the man was hoping to spoil my day but if that was his intention, he failed miserably. We finished our shopping, returned to the campsite, had a wonderful lunch in the sunshine overlooking the river.

Messing about in the water

Messing about in the water

Fun on the river

Fun on the river

Chelsea Sailors

Chelsea Sailors







8 thoughts on “I was told off by a total stranger!

    • Yes I agree with you. I was so amazed he was there, doing good for the church and yet was a horrid man. I’m glad it didn’t get to me, we did have a little giggle afterwards! What a shame, he’s missing out on so much!

  1. Sad old duffers like that can’t see past their own grumpyness. I’d have made a point to return later on, full doggy in tow, and hang around long enough to properly ruin his shabby flower patch, then run like hell!

    • If only Charlie were younger! I don’t think he knows what ‘running’ is anymore, but so right borrow a full dog and let it rip!! I wish I had the nerve. What gets me is the fact he was raising money for the Church! Such a charitable man!

    • Yes Charlie is a little bit special isn’t he? I love him to bits even though he is quite a strange dog, he’s very aloof and doesn’t suffer fool gladly!! Bit like his owner ha ha:)

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