32° and rising (plus a mad dog!)

Hello from the Tropics of the UK!

Yes, Britain is slap-bang in the middle of a heat wave! The government have issued a ‘yellow’ warning, which means ‘BE AWARE’ – be aware? I don’t need the government to tell me, I can feel it! Trickling down the back of my neck, under my arms and on my brow, to be honest it looks as though I’ve sprung a leak! Yes it’s hot, in fact it was 32° earlier and I think it’s getting hotter. I’m sat inside Harry, sounds mad but our new pitch is great for sunbathing if you have rhino skin! It’s fine first thing in the morning and then it gets the sun until after 5p.m. with no shade at all. I must point out that I’m not complaining, I love the sun and it’s so much more pleasant than bird poo!!

Feeling the heat!

Feeling the heat at 9a.m.

I have all the windows open and am grateful for each small breeze that brushes past me every now and then. I’ve had to drag Charlie inside, as I have a dog who adores the sun and doesn’t seem to seek the shade like most intelligent dogs … he doesn’t know when to stop! He will lay in full sun, huffing and puffing, panting and salivating and making the most awful noises but still lies in the sun regardless of the coaxing and cajoling to get him to go into the shade.  He transforms from loving pooch into something that resembles the Tasmanian Devil ! I have a solution that I’ve used a few times in the past, I drench his towel in cold water, wring it out a bit and lay it on top of him. He gives me a look of disgust when I initially place it on him but he soon gets used to it and it seems to do the trick!  To be honest I think it has saved his life a few times! It has caused a couple of odd looks from neighbouring campers I can tell you.

Mad Dog Charlie

Mad Dog Charlie

Charlie in the Heat 2

Wrap up, it’s hot out there!

Cool at last!

Cool at last!

I did try pouring a bottle of coldish water over him, but as a dog who cannot stand water in any form this didn’t go down too well, he went off with a “flea in his ear” and rolled and rolled until he was hotter than before I’d put the water on him, so that was totally pointless and I’ve spent the afternoon in the dog house!! He won’t even look at me:(

Sulky Monkey

Sulky Monkey


On other matters; today is our official Wedding Anniversary, a tad warmer than when we married in 1981 – it was a very grey day and I ended up wearing the groom’s jacket to keep me warm!!

We celebrated again at lunch time with another salad!! Well, it was surely too hot to eat anything but salad! It was delicious and washed down with a glass of chilled white wine.

Anniversary Lunch

Anniversary Lunch

As we are in a Motorhome, the idea of which is that you move and you take your home with you! !(However, we are stuck in Limbo at the moment and so haven’t ventured futher than the local campsite, perhaps we should’ve bought a static caravan instead!),  I thought I would explain a little about organisation of cupboards etc. Obviously, as at home, we need everything to hand, however, due to the shortage of space, we had to be absolutely ruthless when deciding what we brought with us and what we discarded or stored away. As a result I sometimes look in these cupboards and wonder if we’re going to manage with so few belongings, so far to date there is nothing we have missed so maybe there’s a lesson for us all, it also appeals to the minimalist in me!

We’ve had a couple of trips in Harry and the idea is that when you’re on the move, everything stays in it’s place,  it doesn’t rattle, fall over or break! The only thing I have made of china is a couple of mugs so these get wrapped in bubble wrap when we move – everything else is made of plastic or acrylic. Each drawer is departmentalised (I don’t know if that is even a word but it seems to fit with what I’m trying to say) within it’s own space. So we have compartments within drawers and cupboards. I’ve taken a couple of photos to show you the idea.


Carbohydrate Cache!!

Drawer 2

Teas and smaller items


Cupboard 2

This surprisingly holds my frying pan and 3 saucepans!!


Some boxes are labelled for ease of use.

Lastly, I would like to again thank all the new followers to this blog, and I believe there are even some of the Hubster’s customers now following our adventure, not that it’s even started yet.

Please feel free to leave a message for us – it certainly encourages us to continue with the blog!!

Keep Cool







12 thoughts on “32° and rising (plus a mad dog!)

  1. Yes it is hot here in Ireland too, the heat is intense and all animals are finding it hard to cope with it. Your Motorhome looks neat stick with it, you will get further than the local campsite.

    • There is more hot weather forecast for next week! Charlie is coping pretty well so far given his age! When you say the motorhome looks neat do you mean English ‘neat’ or American ‘neat’ either way we think Harry the Hymer is the Bee’s Knees! We can’t wait to leave:)

      • Ha Ha, Neat, yes (but tidy too I hope you noticed!!) I had a quick clear up before taking the photos:D I can’t believe what we are doing, so far we are so happy, long may it last. It’ll be so good to be out and about. Fingers crossed that we can go soon.

    • Yes, it certainly seems to work, I’m so glad I must have the cleanest dog in the UK he doesn’t like mud. I’ve often seen photos of dogs who get so filthy, it must be a nightmare to live with! Charlie is just brilliant, it’s just a shame he doesn’t like water!

  2. Oh my, that is hot even by our standards! It isn’t unusual for us to reach 95F (35C), especially in August. Do you have high humidity as well? The heat is bad enough but around here the humidity also climbs and that is really awful!

    Charlie, what a funny dog 🙂 He looks a little like a purple burrito wrapped in that blanket… he needs to learn to like water in his old age. If he’s now a traveling pooch, he can learn to swim too 🙂

    • We have such high humidity which makes it more difficult to deal with, we Brits aren’t really made for this heat but we love it! I think I heard we had 83% humidity today! I love the idea of Charlie being a burrito, learn to swim? Well that made me laugh. We have taken him to the beach before now and he adores the sand and digs holes and rolls in it like a chinchilla!! But walking along the waters edge he walks in a zigzag as the water approaches he walks further up the beach to avoid wetting his toes!! He is honestly the oddest dog I’ve ever come across 😀

  3. My dog loved pushing her face into sprinklers and sitting in a baby pool I filled with water for her. Otherwise, she was also highly offended by me attempting to help her cool down with water. I wish I’d thought of a damp towel. Happy Anniversary!

    • I had a German Shepherd Dog before Charlie and she just loved water, like yours, hosepipes, sprinklers, swimming etc and she was never a worry in the heat, I’m afraid Charlie hasn’t learned how to take his fur coat off yet! It must be so unpleasant for them but he’s coping well so far. Many thanks for your wishes.

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