How to survive a thunderstorm in a motorhome!

I have no idea if this post will be posted today, the internet connection has gone slightly doolally because of the storms.

As a result of the weather I haven’t been out with the camera but have taken some photos of Harry’s lights and have digitally edited them, I love the effect, I think they would make a great, wall art, series!


I slept on the drop down bed the night before last, as it is closer to the skylight which was wide open in the hope of catching a breeze. I was woken at about 2 a.m. by a bright, rectangular, flash that burned through my sleeping eyelids. I woke with a start, I wasn’t quite sure what was going on. Then another flash, and another and then the rumble of thunder, then a crash, the rain hit the top of Harry’s roof as if someone was stood up there and emptying buckets on it, the clattering was ear-shattering! I jumped out of bed, I’m not too sure why, but I seemed ever so close to the sky up on that bed with just a thin layer of metal between me and the storm! I landed on the bed that the hubster was sleeping in (he really can sleep through most things). The thunderstorm didn’t wake him but the crash landing of his Mrs certainly did!

“Oh sorry, there’s a thunderstorm!” I cried – as if he needed telling, by now he was rubbing his eyes and taking in the image of me bouncing around and the noise of the storm, in brief,  the mayhem! I don’t know why but I really wanted to see it, although I am ever so slightly scared of thunderstorms, I kept telling myself, “We have rubber tyres, we’ll be fine!” I approached the window with the intention of pulling down the blind and peeking out, I inched it down, as I did so, a massive flash of sheet lightening blinded me, I pulled the blind up again, I jumped to the other side of the van and opened the blind on that side, a flash, and a crack of thunder and the whole of the campsite was lit up for seconds, the motorhomes and caravans shining brightly in the normally pitch black, it was surreal, I watched through both windows for a full 2 hours – it was truly fascinating and yet at the same time terrifying. Needless to say the hubster gave up on me, in the morning he said I was jumping around like a 6 year old!! No surprise there then!!

At 4 a.m. when all was calm, I ventured outside, the campsite was misty and the air was warm but fresh, I stood and had a cigarette under the awning, keeping as close to the van as I could for shelter, the last rumblings of thunder drew off into the distance and the odd weak flash of lightening caused shadows in the site. I can only say I’m glad I wasn’t in a tent!

On Friday we were hit with the hottest day in the UK this year and boy was it hot. I walked Charlie, and we came back to the van for breakfast, we had, wait for it … Ice cream and black cherries, now how sensible is that? Ooh I love being a grown-up!  We sat in the shade for the full day and did absolutely nothing – it was just too hot, there was no air, no breeze and by 2p.m. we both had headaches! We slept with the windows wide, wide open, had there been any burglars around – they could’ve helped themselves, we didn’t care!

There is more hot weather forecast for next week so we’d better get used to it.

Take care.

4 thoughts on “How to survive a thunderstorm in a motorhome!

  1. Lightning is amazing to watch, I enjoy sitting out on my balcony during storms, but not sure how comfortable I’d feel in a metal box like Harry, rubber tires or not! 🙂

    I do like the photo series — makes Harry’s headlights look very impressive.

    • You mention the thunder storm, I didn’t feel that safe 🙂 Certainly not safe enough to take any photos!! I’ve just heard that the road I used to live in was hit by lightening, some people lost some roof tiles and the whole road is still without telephone service and some still don’t have electricity!! Glad I moved out! I’ve been working on some other photos today, I’ll post them up later.

  2. i slept right through it all , i woke up looked out the window, thought oh dear i left the washing out it must have rained, then people were telling me about the storm. I was sorry i missed it, the washing was dry anyway. Loving this hot weather . still not at work I I have a hole in my leg now. getting concerned now. 6th may did the damage and still not mended. xx

    • I can’t believe anyone would sleep through that Yvonne!! It was amazing but quite scary! Yes I love the hot weather, you sound as though you’re having a really rough time, you poor thing, I bet you’re missing all the girls at work … if there are any left!!

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