Keep smiling :)

Yellow Osteo

We are still baking here in the UK, but I must say, I love it.  We get far too little warm weather so I refuse to complain about it. I do have a tip that may interest you. I keep a pack of Baby Wipes in the fridge and when the heat just gets too much, I pull out a couple of wipes and it really works – it’s so refreshing! And the baby wipes are as cheap as chips so it’s hardly an extravagance but feels like pure luxury!
Chertsey Campsite 4

I’ve been pretty much van-bound as it really is too hot to sit outside. While I sit here trying to keep cool, I can’t help but be full of admiration for the staff here at the campsite, at first glance it would appear to be an easy job, seeing to people who are on holiday, but they really don’t stop, what with showing people to their pitches (and this site is really busy) they have to mow all the grass, cut back trees, water the flowers (and they are a sight for sore eyes), sweep the roads, not to mention clean out the bathrooms (they deserve medals for this one task alone!!) the dishwashing and washing area, all public areas and I know there is office work etc etc and so it goes on … what amazes me is that despite their heavy workload and coping with not only the ‘public’ but the heat too, they are so friendly and approachable, they honestly don’t stop! The site is big and I mean big and there are only 7 members of staff, so how they get it all done is just incredible. The site is immaculate, so today I thought I would give them some credit and show you just a couple of photos.
Chertsey Campsite
Chertsey Campsite 5
Chertsey Campsite 3
I was thinking about the things I like about living here on the site and one aspect that I love (even though it makes me sound terribly anti-social) is the fact that because it’s a very transient lifestyle, and  I can have between 4 – 7 neighbours in a week but this suits me fine, I like people don’t get me wrong, but I’m not interested in getting too involved, hearing other people’s problems, worries etc and I know that sounds incredibly selfish but we have had a fair few of our own worries lately so maybe that’s why it appeals.

However, on week one we met a couple here just a couple of pitches away from us and we got on well. This couple are long term stayers too, they went away for a week recently and returned yesterday, it was so lovely to catch up with them again. I think I can narrow it down to smiles and sense of humour! The guys went off for a game of golf and we, ladies, did what we do best, we sat and chatted!! (just a little pink liquid to lubricate the vocal chords!) it was a really pleasant, stress-free afternoon.

I was thinking how important smiles are, even when we see young children, we chit chat with them, coo at them in an attempt to get them to smile and when they do, we exclaim, “Oh look! A lovely smile!” Smiles are so important, both my eldest sister and myself at some time have had the nickname ‘smiler’! Are we happier than most people? probably not – but we can certainly change someone’s day, and that, for me anyway, is important. So often, I will see an older member of the community looking somewhat glum, and a quick nod, hello and a smile will normally guarantee a smile back. People say you don’t get something for nothing, well that’s not true, smiles are free to give and chances are, you’ll receive one back. Not many things like that in the world!

Chertsey Campsite 2

Dancing Fushcias

All of the photos on today’s post were taken on the campsite, but this next one has to be my favourite, I spent hours trying to get it just as I wanted. Sometimes when I take a photo, I have an image in my head of what I would like to create and sometimes it works (rarely) but this is one of those that I’m really, really happy with.  I’ve called it “Fushcias or Fairies?”

Fuschias or Fairies

4 thoughts on “Keep smiling :)

  1. Aww chick, love the flower pics, and thank you for the compliment, I was quite giddy when we pulled back in on Monday morning xxx

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  2. oh that was a lovely read, also the photos are smashing .. as usual. Its funny you call fusia,s fairy as I do also. Lets face it we are away with them a bit. xx

    • They are like little ballerinas aren’t they, I’ve always loved them since my eldest sister had one in her garden and I’d never seen one before. Away with the fairies, aren’t we just!!

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