A Very Smelly Day!

I apologise for the lack of photos today but the internet connection is playing up, so you’ll have to use your imagination when reading what we got up to today!!

Be Warned!!

I’m so happy here on the campsite, living in Harry the Hymer, I have been trying to think of things I miss about living in a house. So far I can’t think of any … so maybe I am a gypsy after all!! I am being totally truthful, I can’t think of anything – when we had a house there were always so many things to do to maintain it. The garden was a constant job, the woodwork in the garden, ie: decking, fencing, gates etc needed repainting. The fascia boards needing replacing, there was “always” washing, ironing, cleaning to do! It was non-stop, I found we spent so much time sorting out the house and garden, there wasn’t any time to actually sit and really enjoy it because every time we sat down – we would think of something else that needed to be done.

Living in Harry has been so simple, apart from the odd filling, emptying and cleaning that’s all we need to do. So today Harry decided to throw us a fast ball! Every two or three days, we check the levels in the grey water tank, the fresh water tank and empty the toilet cassette.

Well this morning (very early), the hubster went outside and opened up the tap which releases the grey water (that’s water from the shower tray, bathroom and kitchen sinks) he placed the big container under the spout and let the water flow. We normally get about 2 containers full which we empty into the drain on site which is made for this purpose.

As the water was emptying, I was cleaning the shower tray, and the stench that suddenly belched up through the plughole nearly burnt my eyes! I shouted a strained whisper out of the window, “What is that smell? Is it coming out of Harry?” I needn’t have asked, the twisted, grotesque look on the hubster’s face told all. What on earth was it? Why did it smell so bad? My husband is an absolute star and if something plays up he will keep going until he works it out. He came inside and opened up the trap door in the floor which allows access to the waste tank. Well you can only imagine what that was like. I shall spare you the details but I can tell you I opened all the windows!! We emptied several buckets of water into it and left the spout open so it would flow through. I even did as some kind people had recommended and put Orange Squash into it (apparently it’s a natural acid and makes the outgoing waste water smell fresher) Ha!  NOT for us it didn’t. It was truly awful, thank heaven’s it was early and most people were asleep!! Although I did feel awful for those who were already awake. Thankfully, we didn’t receive any complaints.

The reason for this horrendous occurrence? Well we can only think that as the van hadn’t been used for such a long time before we bought it, that little by little as we’ve been using hot water, soapy water etc. it has been loosening the rather copious covering of fat, grease and filth that was lining the bottom of the tank … it was going to take a lot more than orange squash to deal with this. So off we went to the local caravan dealer and bought  some industrial tank cleaner. I’m pleased to inform you that Harry’s tank is on it’s way to a full recovery – as are my nostrils!!


6 thoughts on “A Very Smelly Day!

  1. well we were sitting in the , so lets see what happens eh xxcandle lit garden this evening, curry and a beer, chatting saying what would we miss if we didnt live in this house. As you know I have always thought living in a mobile home would be great, well i would miss the woodland behind my fence and the grandchildren, my pond and garden and thats it… also privacy

    • Well I have lots of woodland here, and I’m hoping we’ll be getting some great views on our travels and grandchildren … we haven’t got any so there’s no problems there, but I can understand how precious they are and if I had any, I would find it impossible to leave them.

  2. Try something we use…


    Although we have a caravan we use fresh & clear to clean all the pipes both clean water and foul water. We always run half a cap full down the kitchen sink every couple of days to keep the drain pipe fresh and the wastehog fresh. When we pack up I always put half a capful in to the wasethog and it keeps it fresh until the next time we use it. One advantage is it does two jobs in one bottle so saves space and weight.

    Simon (CaravanChronicles.com)

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