Batten down the hatches

Well it really has been a day of contrasts. This morning like yesterday and in fact the last couple of weeks, we were baking in glorious sunshine and then this afternoon, someone decided to put an end to it … with the most incredible storm, it was a real corker!!

But first let me just show you this photo, our friend came to visit yesterday with his beautiful, three year old daughter Layla. What a darling! She is so good and so grown up for a three year old, she can hold quite a conversation!! She is the perfect example of when East meets West! Isn’t she gorgeous?

My Little Beauty

My Little Beauty

OK, now back to the storm, we had gone into Harry the Hymer, as it seemed cooler inside than out, the heat was oppressive, there was not a leaf moving, not a breeze … then it arrived! It started with a couple of spots on the skylight and the wind picked up, sending a lovely, refreshing, cool breeze through one window and out of the other.  I thought “Great, that’ll clear the air” and then the downpour. The rain came down in vertical threads, there were no drops…it chucked it down on us (Ever the optimist – in the back of my mind I was hoping it may just clear the bird poo off the roof!) The noise was deafening. The paths and roads in the site were awash in no time.

How to wash your awning!

How to wash your awning!

Or your car1

Or your car!

I did feel for Paul, one of the wardens, who was greeting a new arrival to his pitch. What perfect timing!! I can only think that he got absolutely soaked and it was surprisingly, really, cold rain drops!

Water pouring over the edge of the awning

Water pouring over the edge of the awning

The thunder sounded more like a collection of fighter jets roaring overhead rather than the usual rumble, this was a tremendous roar terminating in the most massive crackling. I wouldn’t have been surprised if I’d looked up and seen the Red Arrows in formation! The van shook, I shook, the dog shook!! I have to say it … we were all shook up:) (Sorry – Poor Joke!!)

Room with a view!

Room with a view!

Then the calm, the trees stopped moving, the air settled and that was it! The temperature rose again and it was almost as if it never happened, apart from the fact that the roads were wet. It has cooled down now though and is so much more pleasant although I do hope the sun comes back again!

Storm 4

I did manage to grab my camera and take a video of  the downpour and I am going to open a Youtube account in the name of – I’ll do my best but don’t rush me! I’m doing my best but the internet connection here isn’t the fastest in the world, after all I am sat in a tin can in the middle of a field so I should be grateful I have any connection at all.

I shall leave you and go over to youtube and see what’s happening…do have a look if you have time and let me know if it’s worked!!

Keep dry:D

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