Too Hot to Blog? Nah!

It’s ever so nearly too hot to blog but here I slave over my keyboard!

I tried desperately hard to upload some videos on to youtube last night and again today but my four minute video was going to take over 2800 minutes which by my calculations works out at well over 40 hours – so I’m afraid I gave up. If anyone knows a way around this, do let me know!

Camp entrance

Campsite Reception Area

During the day, the campsite is very quiet with most campers going out on day trips. At night it comes alive – the BBQ’s are lit, the children play, people go back and fore to the showers and the washing up area, and as it gets dark, candles are lit, lights go on, shadows form, I find it rather relaxing watching the world go by, as it’s so fine at the moment, it’s a little bit like being abroad.

Camp at night

Camp at night 2

I normally retire inside Harry with the windows wide open as the night falls and inevitably end up editing photos. I can spend hours – I don’t know if the hubster will put up with that when we’re on the road!! Here are two black and white images I worked on last night, the Fuchsia on Metal took well over 2 hours to produce. I like the contrast of the gentle, pretty flower against the metal grid.

Hale Train Station, Cheshire

Hale Train Station, Cheshire

Fuchsia on Metal

Fuchsia on Metal

I’m glad to announce that we haven’t grown up yet, today we had some friends come to visit for lunch, it was such fun and ended up with us having a water fight!! it was glorious and refreshing 🙂

This little fella landed on my car aerial and had no intention of moving, so that gave me time to change lens and get a few shots.




PLEASE NOTE: All photos I post on this blog have been dramatically reduced in size which enables quick uploading, this does unfortunately reduce the quality of the original photo

4 thoughts on “Too Hot to Blog? Nah!

  1. Hi Michelle, I like e.t we have some round our pond, they are smashing. do you know what the black ones are they are rounded with 4 wings you cant see through , they look black but settled they look blue. not damsel flies. xxxx great photography. have you heard of Tim Rudman. h worked with me went into photography late in life, he was a g p i worked for. he has introduced all these fancy finishes. Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2014 16:55:08 +0000 To:

    • I’m afraid I don’t know the name of the flying beasties! I am going to look up Tim Rudman on Google … I’m going to send you a private email with regards us moving on…

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