Reality is sinking in, I’ll miss my friends.

Being a True Brit, I will start today’s post with news of the weather!! Today has been a glorious day, thank goodness, as yesterday we were woken by a massive storm, which resulted in me turning over in bed and going back to sleep. I can’t describe how heavenly it is to lie under the duvet, listening to the rain pouring down on the roof of the van. I find it so hard when I hear people complain about the sunshine, I could cope with this on a daily basis … no worries!


Interesting cloud formations

This morning the Hubster had some calls to make and various other things to do at work. While he was busy I took Charlie for a walk, conveniently in the woods where I have walked him for years. It was very, very early and so no one was about.

As I ambled along it struck me how well I know those woods, I’ve walked there since I got the dog over 13 years ago and apart from days where I have really been too poorly to walk him or when we’ve been away, I have truly been there every day.  I believe Charlie thinks it’s his garden and he very generously lets other dogs use his patch! This morning, he was on form, he sniffed every blade of grass and every tree trunk was dutifully watered! At each junction I gave him the option, “Which way boy?” and so he chose (he does understand, for those of you with dogs you’ll know I speak the truth – for those of you who don’t … You are so missing out!)

Sky 2

The view from my sun chair

I know almost every tree, each little twist and turn in the path-ways, I know where the rain water gathers in the base of the trees – creating natural drinking bowls, I even know which parts are likely to be soggy underfoot after a day of rain!


I was thinking about all the fantastic fun walks I’ve had there, and all the bad ones when Charlie would do a “runner”! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in tears on the phone to my husband crying “I’ve lost the dog – again!” Charlie wasn’t the easiest of dogs but I’m glad I persevered as he is now a true gent, it’s such a shame it took so long to get him in check!


I realised that it has been in these woods where I have met the loveliest of people, some of whom I would now count as my dearest friends. I will miss them all terribly, having been pitched up at the campsite, in another town means I’ve seen them less and less, maybe it’s preparing me for losing them. For all we say, “We’ll keep in touch!” I am a realist and know full well that we will inevitably fall into the routines of our daily lives and that fine cord of connection will be, if not cut, just a little frayed! The one thing I do know is that is that I will bear no grudges if we lose touch a little, as I know when we see each other again, it’ll be like the good old days. We all have busy lives, most of my friends have children, husbands, dogs and jobs! I think this is probably my main reason for creating a blog, so that even if we can’t see each other, my friends can log in and have a quick peek, see what I’m up to!

Saying goodbye to friends is always difficult and I’m in no position to invite everyone out for a meal, (either financially or time wise) and so Harry the Hymer is going to open his door for the afternoon next week and I’ve invited friends, old colleagues and old neighbours to pop over and meet her, have a snoop around,  have a glass of wine, a bite to eat and … no doubt ask questions about how the loo works:D and see me off!! I just hope everyone doesn’t turn up at the same time or there’ll be fights for the two sun-chairs!!


Dog Walk

The shade dog walk

This campsite is really lovely and quiet. It has allowed me to clear my head, do some deep thinking and now we have a leaving date, it’s paying dividends being here in the calm. It’s divided into three distinct areas, this first area (which I call the grown up area), at the edge of this is a field which is used by tent owners,  behind a hedge is another area (which I call the family area, where they have swings, a slide and the facilities) and the third area (which is called the island, because it is surrounded by water, where we had the pleasure of birds for company!!) I prefer this pitch, there is even a dedicated dog walk, which is absolutely perfect for my old boy, it’s shaded, clean and there are bins dotted along the walk. Although we’ll be so happy to be leaving we will also miss this site, it’s been absolutely brilliant, what a find,  and it has been the perfect starting point for our adventure. Oh please let it all be as easy as this (bet it won’t be though!!)

More of this please!

More of this please!



5 thoughts on “Reality is sinking in, I’ll miss my friends.

  1. Ah that is smashing, you phrase things just right. What can I bring over next week for you in the way of food to help out. You will be back in a year its not goodbe, unless you have other ideas and I will be following you on here anyway. Old softie, but luvly. xxxxxxxx

  2. Thank you for sharing your lovely walk with Charlie. It brings back so many wonderful memories. Life is full of goodbyes, making room for more hellos. I’m so excited for you and grateful you’re bringing us along. Reading your blog is my own mini vacation in my head. 🙂

    • Yes that was a lovely walk not like the one we had this morning, he was such a tinker. I’m so glad you’re enjoying my blog, it can only become more interesting as we make our way off! Thank you for your patience:)

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