I’ve got to start looking after my bod!!

I have suddenly realised that I am at risk of becoming what is affectionately known in the UK as a “lard arse“!

This motorhome living isn’t the most energetic lifestyle. We get up, we potter around the van and then we sit, then we get lunch ready and we sit, then we wash up and we sit, I think you can see the pattern emerging! We do an awful lot of sitting!
I got up early today with the intention of moving my lazy body a little more than the usual amble in the woods. The idea was to walk Charlie before it got too hot.  We set off, we made our way to the entrance of the campsite, leaving my idyllic, little, haven of peace, we walked out onto the pavement – our senses were assaulted from all angles! The noise from the rushing traffic, the smell of the petrol fumes and the bright early morning sunshine hurt my eyes! Charlie, the lovely, calm, old dog who has been laying quietly outside the van, watching the world go by, for the last 7 weeks reverted to his old self, throwing himself at every passing car, van, bus and lorry, squealing, yapping and barking like a year old puppy. If I didn’t know him better, I would say he was suicidal! I couldn’t believe an old dog could have quite so much force in him! It took all the strength I could muster to keep him on the pavement and not end up as strawberry jam in the middle of the road. I swear the dog has a dual personality! I can honestly say that by the time we managed to get down by the river I was absolutely exhausted, my arms were aching, I was sweating and my hands were sore with burns from the lead!

Satan Dpg!

Satan Dog!

At the waters edge, he calmed a little but not much but at least I had time to take in the view. Canada geese swooping in and landing on the glistening water, a mother duck with her four little ducklings that seemed to be attached to her by lengths of elastic as they zipped along the water to be by her side and the reflections of the bridge in the calm water below. It was here that I was aware of a strange feeling in my thighs and hips! Oh excecise! I’d forgotten what that felt like, it hurt like mad! A dull throbbing pain that made the morning walk all the more unpleasant ! Not a good start to the day! And people often say to me, “Why don’t you take your camera with you?” Can you imagine the mess I’d get into with the dog and the camera? I’d have ended up under a bus or in the river!

I’m now back in the peace with a coffee sitting in the sun, (note I say sitting) and this is just what I’ve come to notice, I’m sitting down an awful lot! This is going to have to change, I think I’ve developed bungalow legs!
We are going to have to watch our weight during this trip or we shall balloon in size and become terribly unfit! The husbster, a very keen golfer, thinks a walk has to involve chasing a small white ball, boy is he in for a shock.


So as a start to looking after this old body of mine, I’ve invested in some nail varnish, well you have to start somewhere. I’ve always loved nail varnish, unfortunately my nails aren’t always long enough, but all this sitting around has made them grow ha ha 😀 I’m off now to prepare our lunch. I have a feeling salad is on the menu!

Nail varnish

13 thoughts on “I’ve got to start looking after my bod!!

  1. Lovely shades of blue. My nails are currently long enough but the moment I paint them, bam, all broken and ragged. I’ve given up 🙂

    Isn’t it amazing how quickly our bodies will expand to the lack of use but how much they fight to get back into shape? The pool where I go swimming has been overcrowded with kids for the summer so I haven’t gone as regularly and boy does my body groan when it has to go back after a week or so off!

    Charlie really is a corker. He always makes me smile. But you know, the camera issue, you could go for two walks, one with Charlie and one with the camera 😉

    • I know what you mean about the nails, mine go through cycles!! And there’s no amount of products that will alter them! I did some aerobics back in the Eighties and I’m still suffering the consequence of stopping, (I should never have started in the first place:D) Yes Charlie is a real character, as for the two walks that’d really kill two birds with one stone, however I don’t want to leave Charlie alone in the van as it’s so hot at the moment, but will definitely do that when the weather cools down. I’m going to have to watch the weight that’s for sure 🙂

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