Welsh History from the Hidden gypsy!

I’m so looking forward to writing this post this evening, I’ve had the most wonderful day! I aplogise in advance if there are too many photos and too many words:D

It is once again, 27° with a lovely refreshing breeze. Sometimes I find it hard to believe I’m still in England.

We had a very leisurely waking-up period followed by breakfast, which is extremely unusual for us, it’s normally black coffee and ciggies and wait until everything kicks in!

We waved goodbye to our new-found, campsite friends, Alison and her husband Dave, who were such a fab couple. We shall miss them but will definitely keep in touch and who knows we may just cross paths again in the future, I certainly hope so. I shall miss our chats, giggles, cuddles with George the huge Golden Retriever and glasses of Pink Wine sat in the sun!!

On the site last night I noticed the most brilliant van, it was a VW but no ordinary VW, this one made you smile as soon as you clapped eyes on it. A white van decorated with butterflies, flowers, rainbows and ladybirds and festooned with the most colourful bunting – a really, hippy van. I loved it and had decided I would take my camera and ask if I could take a couple of photos for my blog. I mean, if it made me smile it would certainly cheer up my readers’ day!

Blodwen 2



Hippy, Happy Van

What was interesting is that the owner, Sara, a cheerful, friendly and gentle lady, who is a writer and director, is one of my compatriots from Wales. She decorated the van herself, sticking on each and every sticker and it looks truly fab. Like all motorhomes and campervans, this one has a name, a Welsh name, Blodwen! (Which, if my schoolgirl Welsh is correct means White Flower) Do me a favour if you see her driving around in it – give her a wave and a smile!

blodwen details 6 Blodwen details 7 Blodwen montage

I had noticed, amongst all the beautiful decorations on the van, there was a Welsh Dragon along with a sticker for Patagonia.  OK, now for the history lesson!  I have always known there was a connection between Wales and Patagonia but until today I wasn’t completely sure what it was. Well … are you sitting comfortably … then I’ll begin – but I promise I’ll keep it short and concise as I can!

Sara and husband with Blodwen

Sara and husband with Blodwen



Way back in the day, in 1865, Professor Michael D Jones, living for some time in America noticed that the Welsh that moved there, soon started speaking English and taking on American ways, he wanted to set up a Welsh speaking colony to retain the Welsh identity.

The Welsh Dragon

The Welsh Dragon

A few countries were contenders including, Canada and New Zealand but eventually plumped for Patagonia. The first settlers sailed over in a ship called the Mimosa. There were 153 of them, 56 married adults, 33 single or widowed men, 12 single women (usually sisters or servants of married emigrants), and 52 children. They had a very difficult start with flash floods, drought and losing all their crops but being a tough lot, we Welsh, they survived and there is a Welsh community in Patagonia to this day! So if you ever go to Patagonia you will still find people who speak a Dialect of Welsh and serve Bara Brith, go to chapel and hold Eisteddfods!

Now I bet you didn’t think I’d tell you anything so interesting today did you?




We then went for a walk with the dog, he’s no great lover of water,  but today it was warm and as we walked along the river bank – he couldn’t resist a dip, in he went, up to his knee caps anyway. (I swear he thinks that’s swimming!!) B&CThe hubster dowsed him with water and he loved it, it was so funny to see him tearing around the field like a puppy. needless to say, he is now completely zonked and is snoring at my feet.Damsel fly Damsel fly 2 C in Water

Well we are now, well and truly on a countdown to the day we leave, we have 3 more days on the campsite and then we will be fledging off into the real world! Ooh talking of fledging, on our walk we saw some bushes with a lot of tweeting and whistling – I approached with the camera thinking I may get a shot of a little bird or two, as I got closer the whole bush came to life and all of these starlings shot out!! I’m so glad I had the camera to hand!


Looking forward to moving on:) May the adventure begin!


6 thoughts on “Welsh History from the Hidden gypsy!

  1. What a delightful blog entry! Thank you for the history lesson. On my father’s side, I knew the family came from Herefordshire and Scotland. In the last few years, I’ve discovered that if I go back far enough it takes me to Wales. So, reading your bit on the Welsh and Patagonia was a real treat.

    The VW is fun! So glad you shared all the pictures.

    Glad your dog enjoyed the romp.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it, I was a little worried that it would turn readers off!! But I love history and being Welsh myself I thought it was fascinating that they speak Welsh in Patagonia of all places.
      We have another slightly Welsh theme on my post tonight!! Just for you 😀

    • We leave the campsite on Monday, are going to visit family to say goodbye and should be leaving on the Monday 11th Aug!! I can’t wait, I’m so excited 😀 I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog…thank you.

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