Feeling Pensive …

Well, I’m feeling a little low this evening, I can’t explain why and I truly have no reason to be down! I have a wonderful husband, Charlie the dog, Harry the Hymer and an adventure that is about to kick off big time, so why so down?

I am blatantly aware of alone I am – the campsite magnifies this as everyone is in such close proximity. I see everyone together, families, couples and friends getting together, lighting the BBQs, getting the evening meal ready, having a drink and a laugh and I’m very conscious that I’m the only one on the campsite who is sat every night on her own. Campsites are places full of laughter, it’s lovely to hear but I would love to be part of it!  Also, as tomorrow is our last day on the campsite, where I’ve been so comfortable, leaving will be quite a sad moment. On Monday I’m having friends, ex-colleagues  and ex-neighbours coming to see Harry and say goodbye and I think that will be quite tough. Then it’s on the road to say goodbye to family members, it’s all happening. Gosh I’m sorry what a moaning Minnie….I mustn’t feel down – after all I have my Best Friend who is always by my side! And I’m not sad, just pensive so please excuse me!

Best Friend

My Best Mate

I cannot wait to spend time with the hubster, we will be able to spend Christmas Day together, that’ll be a first, normally he works and comes home at 4pm and is so pooped, he just wants to sleep, we’ll also be able to celebrate Valentine’s Day together, it’s all very exciting!

Right onto things more happy, when I met Sara, the Welsh lady, the other day (Blog Post Here) we mentioned how when the Welsh meet the Welsh, (wherever they are in the world) there is inevitably a moment when you find that you both know another person! She told me stories of how it had happened to her, I recounted how I’d had many experiences just like that! I was once asked to dance by some chap in a nightclub in New York and he knew my brother-in-law! I was recently invited to neighbours for a drink, and one of their guests knew my brother and his wife!

Yesterday a caravan pulled up in the pitch next to us, the couple just happened to have the most beautiful dog, so I held back until this morning to ask whether I could take a couple of photos of him. His name is Gibbs and he is just a huge character in a little body!


Today, I decided to take the couple’s email address so I could forward them the photos I’d taken, we started chatting and guess what? Yes, he was Welsh! OK so that’s not too much of a coincidence but wait for this, he lived in the town where I was born, his sister worked in the hospital where I was born, he went to the same school as my eldest sister and her husband. His brother went to the same school as me! His sister had her wedding reception in the same place as my sister! That’s not bad really is it? The thing is if you knew the area that I come from you’d realise that this is really, quite amazing. I grew up in a very rural area, lots of small villages at the foot of the Mountains. So finding someone that firstly knows where it is, is unusual, but to actually come from there even more of a coincidence.

Westie 2          Westie 3

And just when I was feeling a little down, the campsite comes up trumps, a lovely lady next door, Maggie, pops over and has a chat with me and cheers me up, and I found a bar of chocolate in the fridge that I’d forgotten about, you see all is right with the world.






6 thoughts on “Feeling Pensive …

  1. Hi o lonely one. I went to m and s for a chat tonight, i have been away for 4 months now. anway not a lot changed if anything. it was great to see the girls. I was telling jackie boyle about your venture . she wishes you well. i will have my leg dressed monday and come straight over. xxxxxx

  2. There’s a period of mourning whenever there are goodbyes. This isn’t a bad thing. As Gandalf says, “Not all tears are an evil.” How lovely to be reminded you aren’t really alone at all, simply taking a moment of solitude. There will be times when you and hubster and Charlie will be the ones surrounded by friends, laughing and enjoying each other’s company, and someone else will be sitting alone, listening, and wishing they could be a part. They may even be a half a world away. I’m so happy for you.

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