Did you think I’d gone into hiding?

Well, there you go, I’m officially a true hidden Gypsy 🙂 We’ve been so busy, saying goodbye to friends and family that I really haven’t had half an hour to sit down and blog. I apologise, especially as so many of you said you were going to follow our trip.

On Monday this week, we had an open door with Harry (he’s only got one!!) we were both thrilled and amazed by the number of friends, ex-colleagues, ex-neighbours and customers who called in for a quick drink and to wish us well on our travels. I was so moved by some of the comments and cards that we received and thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.

We then took Harry on his first maiden voyage,200 miles north to Cheshire to say goodbye to family and friends up north. Seeing my great nephews was wonderful as well as my nephews and their families.

 Again, the kindness and heartfelt wishes were just staggering. Should you ever be in Cheshire – make sure you make the detour and go and have a bite to eat at The Swettenham Arms, it is a true gem in the middle of nowhere!!

I need your help, we are trying to convince my sister and her husband to purchase a mini Harry and to come and join us while we are away, bearing in mind that they are both retired, up for a challenge and will be sorely missed by us, please leave us a comment whether you think they should take the plunge.

Harry behaved himself like a true gentleman and delivered us safely to our destination and back home again. He was delighted to be at last out on the road and the hubster took control of the helm like a good ‘un. It was fabulous. We even stopped at our first truck stop and bingo right next to another Hymer so Harry felt right at home. It is a wonderful feeling to take a break and have all you can possibly need right there with you, including a loo!! Fantastic, I’m thinking I’m going to really love this trip.

I’m going to include a gallery of photos that I took over the last couple of days, enjoy…hopefully my next blog won’t take so long!!



14 thoughts on “Did you think I’d gone into hiding?

  1. I knew you were busy, but have wondered how it all went. What a lovely afternoon we both had with you and your friends also. I didnt realise you were really going going going. I felt very sad when I left. I have a feeling I said this the other day.

    I think your sister and brother in law should come with you., if they are willing. I spoke to Lynn yesterday and told her all about you but Chris had also spoken to her. xxxxxxx

    • Please don’t be sad, we’re going to have such fun (I hope) and we’ll be back sooner or later. What a cracking afternoon we were amazed by the incredibly kind comments. Such lovely people. I agree my sister and her husband just have to do it!!! Please send my love to Lynn xx

  2. I surmised you were in transit and would write when you could, and you have! 🙂 Lovely pics. As to your sister and her husband buying their own little harry, why not? If one doesn’t like adventure, then it might be a problem. However, there’s nothing that says they can’t change their minds later if it doesn’t suit them. Then again, I’ve tackled my share of adventures and haven’t regretted a single one of them. I have regretted the adventures I haven’t taken because of other responsibilities. Clear as mud? It’s almost midnight here, so I’m not sure how coherent I am. 😀 It’s good to see you.

  3. Hello from sunny chertsey, MacDonalds anywhere in Horne world for free internet access, have a wonderful time, we wish we where coming with you . Love Alison and Dave xx

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