D Day is looming!!

Self PortraitRight this is going to be a very quick blog to say a massive, massive, huge thanks to all our friends, colleagues, neighbours, customers and of course above all family that have sent us the best of wishes and kindest of comments wishing us on our way.

We are now on a countdown to leaving the UK and to be honest I’m so excited, I can’t be upset so my apologies if I’m not blubbing. 🙂

We are busy rushing from one house to another saying goodbyes to local friends, tomorrow will be spent sorting the van (sorry I mean Harry!) and then we’re off!!

I think this may go a little quiet on the hidden gypsy front until I get into the flow of things and manage to get some WiFi!! But don’t worry I’ll be taking photos and updating as soon as I can. In the meanwhile, take care and watch out for my next post!!!


6 thoughts on “D Day is looming!!

  1. we wish you the happiest of times on your new lease to life…. Love you and hopefully hear (on hear) from you very soon… xxxx Mel and Mike. xx

  2. Michelle, Its Sue. Mum is with me. We just want to make sure we can keep in touch by facebook. Send me a request to be friends. Hugs to you all xx

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