Sleepless nights, Insomnia and Hot Flushes

Hellooooo … did you think I’d disappeared? Sorry, I’ve been having too much of a good time with my family, I just haven’t had the time to sit quietly and write.

Orchid on Red

Today, however, I am sat here with Charlie – all is quiet. My family have all gone back to work after the summer holidays. The hubster has left to go and visit his family for two weeks. Looks like our travelling is on hold for the moment but it’s good to have time with my sister.  As a result, I’m left on my tod, but am keeping busy by helping around the house and blogging Yay!!!

I’m having trouble sleeping, well I do most of the time, I cannot sleep! I’m not sure whether it’s because I have so many thoughts running around in my head or whether I am actually an owl!! What tends to happen is I go to bed and fall asleep almost immediately, I sleep really deeply and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day, then I look at the clock and realise I’ve only been asleep for about 30 – 45 minutes!! I’m raring to go, the whole house is quiet apart from the heavy, steady breathing of the other occupants. There is nothing worse than being the only one awake! I lie there and that’s when the Nightime Gremlins turn up! Ideas rushing through my head, do I need a drink? do I need a wee? do I get up and edit some photos? I could go and hoover but that would wake everyone up! I’m absolutely wide awake and nothing on the face of the earth can induce sleepiness.

And then it happens, the dreaded HOT FLUSH, yes, I know, it’s a surprise isn’t it? You thought I was such a young whippersnapper, eh no, I’m at ‘that’ age. Hot flush a go-go!! OMG, what a nightmare! For those of you reading that haven’t yet entered this wonderful stage of maturity or of course if you are male, here’s a little run down of what having a hot flush is like! Enjoy!!

Peonies against wood

It starts (for me) with a warmth in the base of my back, it feels as though someone has snuck a hot water bottle under the blankets without my knowing. I move slightly to find a cooler part of the bed, damn where’s it gone? Then the heat intensifies and  rises up my back to the base of my neck – at the same time it goes deep into the core of my body. Where is that cool spot? I throw off the covers, turn the pillow over to find a cool bit,  have a drink of water, hang my legs out of the bed, put my foot on the floor, maybe that’s cool! Then the wave goes up over the back of my head and arrives on my forehead, joy of joys, that’s it, BINGO, sweating, I mean really sweating, drops from my forehead roll down into my eyes, damn that stings!

My hair is now stuck to the back of my neck, my neck is drenched, the base of my back is soaking, my nightclothes are stuck to my body and twisted and it’s at this point that I decide it’s actually unhygienic to stay in the bed….up I get. I lean out of the window in the hope that a small breeze will waft my way, (small breeze? I’m wishing for a gale!!) I can’t cope any longer, there’s no air in the room, I stand by the door opening it and closing it with vigour trying to create a cooling draft … nope that’s just warm air and it makes me even hotter by exerting all that energy!!


I go downstairs, (my sister has ceramic tiles!) I can’t tell you how wonderful that is! I go to the patio doors and try desperately to get out, without waking the whole household, all the while sweat pouring into my eyes and making me more and more irritated and miserable. I get outside, it takes about three minutes for the air to cool me down. Heaven!

But heaven doesn’t last does it? Nope this is followed by the most humongous FREEZE, yep, Goosebumps, in fact Goosebumps on Goosebumps, all over my body including my scalp!! By the time I fiddle around with the door, climb back up the stairs quietly, and get back to bed, my teeth are chattering, I wrap myself up in the duvet, rub my legs and arms and wait for normal body temperature to kick in. Oh the joys of womanhood! I think almost every woman has had a night stood in front of an open fridge in the hope it’ll cool her down.

This is nature’s way of telling us our ovaries are packing up! WE KNOW – get with the programme, Nature, we know! We don’t need you to put us through this hell. And hey, for the uninitiated, this can happen several times a night and as a special treat it can happen during the day too 🙂 Great, just when you’re discussing your car service with a mechanic, when you’re lying in the dentist’s chair, or just at work, it’s a really great look, shiny, sweaty, hair stuck to your head, make-up slips off a treat, oh and the red face is just the icing on the cake! But the best is all is when you’re driving, no matter where you are, you have to pull over and take off as many clothes as is decent – resembling some mad woman that has a wasp concealed somewhere in her clothing!

Night times aren’t my favourite time! I’ve tried almost all the remedies but now my sister has given me some drops (French remedy) I’ll let you know if they work, they’re very expensive so I guess they must work, ha ha – always the optimist!

We’ve had such fun during the daytimes though, French markets, photo shoot of my gorgeous nephew and his adorable girlfriend, walks in the forest, visits, and the cat below is called Patafoin, his owners are the exceptionally kind neighbours who’ve allowed us to park Harry the Hymer on their drive. I’ve ordered a canvas of him as a surprise and thank you, I hope they like it.

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6 thoughts on “Sleepless nights, Insomnia and Hot Flushes

  1. Oh bless you, I know the feelings well, remember the story I told you about freezing Dave to death one night lol. The curse of old age drives me mad, but your blog as made me laugh xx

    • Euw that doesn’t sound right!! I’m not quite sure, I shouldn’t see why it should say that, sorry I can’t be of more help! But you’ve opened since then so I hope all is ok now xx

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