Departure is Imminent

We spent Monday night in Paris visiting friends. How is it children grow so quickly, our friends  have two of the sweetest kids, who are now 16 years old and a daughter who is 13 going on 23! Great fun, a sign of age though, we didn’t drink too much and were in bed by midnight! I slept like a baby and this morning we got the train back out to my sister’s house. Getting back made me realise just how quickly Saturday will be here! Saturday is leaving day!

We must get the Motorhome (Harry) out of the neighbour’s drive, I can’t believe they’ve been so kind as to let us leave it squished next to their house for so long, they’ve been so patient, as we have been putting off our departure, I think we’re having such a good time with my sister and family that we are dragging our heels,  however it does mean that we are already slowing down our pace, which can’t be a bad thing.

The lovely neighbours that I mentioned above have invited us over to their house for a drink before leaving. The lady of the house is incredibly talented not at cooking, sewing or gardening, but she is a qualified joiner! She has made the most beautiful wooden flowers for my sister and I’ve ordered some for Harry! Well we won’t have a garden so this is my little attempt at adding some fauna and colour to our lives for next couple of months. (What’s more … I won’t even have to water them!)

  1. IMG_0040 IMG_0042 IMG_0045 IMG_0047

Since arriving in France we’ve been trying to work out how we’re going to manage for phones, internet etc. We bought a portable Mifi router which worked perfectly well in the UK but it really did gulp away at the data bundle so we knocked that idea on the head.  We’ve come up with a solution, not sure if it’s going to work but we’ll see.  We have signed up for a French mobile phone with the company, we have a monthly allowance of calls and internet. we bought a Samsung phone with the deal at a special price, then what we will do is create a ‘Hotspot’ on the Samsung handset that will then serve as a router for us to be able to use the ipad and the laptop. That way the internet usage will come out of our monthly data bundle.

Another thing that I’ve done to reduce the internet usage is to download Windows Live Writer, that enables me to write a blog and insert photos, create my catagories and tags etc offline, then either using our data allowance or maybe connecting to a free wifi, (we could spend a lot of time parked  up outside McDonalds!) I can then upload the saved blog!.  In fact that’s exactly what I’m doing with this blog.  So I shall give it a go and see what the result is like.

Not sure when my next blog will be but we’re having great fun looking at maps … at last!!

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