It’s a gas, gas, gas … part two!

This morning it was action stations here, up, washed and ready to sort Harry out for our trip. First things first, let;s get some gas into him (for none UK readers, I mean gas for heating water, cooking etc not fuel for driving!)

We got into the beastie and no sooner was the Hubster behind the wheel he was skitting off down the road as if it was second nature, he said he felt more comfortable than he thought he would after such a long break.

We drove through this lovely little village, taking great care to ‘’stop’ at the white stop lines on the road, it’s all very strange, as you drive down the main street in the village you have to stop to let cars from the right pull out in front of you, and trust me – they do!! Within minutes we were trundling along the National 20 (dual carriageway) to the local petrol station. There on one side of the forecourt was an LPG pump. We pulled up and on the surface of the forecourt in front of the pumps are two raised bumps, the idea is to park your front wheels within these. Did that no problem.

In France recently most petrol stations refuse to take payment AFTER filling, due to people buggering off and not paying no doubt. So I went to the cashier to pay with my card  before filling up. As this was our first fill, it’s important to only fill the gas bottles to 80%. so as we have 2 x 6 kilo bottles we needed to fill each bottle with 12 litres therefore I paid for 24 litres which cost just over 20 euros. Sounds good to me. I asked the cashier if there was someone who could help us with our first fill, The answer was no, just plug it in and press the handle!

We chose the correct adaptor that we had bought the other day online and found it was the ‘dish’ shaped adaptor needed here. We managed to plug in the piston – at this stage a massive hiss shot out at us and made us both jump. We pressed on the large Green button, nothing, there was no noise and the indicators on the pump didn’t move, so we removed the piston, another massive hiss! We tried a couple of times and each time nothing … what were we doing wrong?  I looked up and the cashier was making signals to me … I went over, she told me to replace the piston in it’s holder and she would reapply our purchase, OK all systems go, start again, fit the piston to the adaptor and press the rec button, a hiss and then it started moving, it’s just like using a petrol pump,. Our allowance of 24 litres was up the pump stopped. We released the green button and unclipped the piston from the adaptor. Oh boy, that was when there was a massive blast of gas!  It frightened the living daylights of me! The nozzle on the side of the van was now white and freezing cold!

We drove back and I vowed that next time I would do it! Me and my big mouth. I’m sure it won’t be have as scary next time. So there you have it, we have gas, although we need to check that it is coming through the pipes properly! Apparently on first fills, there is air in the pipes and this needs to be expulsed before the gas can come through.

Ok I’m going to hang up now, this has been written in haste and I apologise for any (or should I say the many) errors that will be in the above text.  I also apologise for this being such a technical post but I’m sure somewhere, someone will be looking for information on refillable gas systems!!

Next blog will be from somewhere else…watch this space.

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