We’re up and running, motorhoming in France

So far so good!

Apart that is for the damn women on the GPS, she is a pain in the butt, we’ve checked our settings over and over again but she insists on taking us to places even the French have never been (or would want to go!)

Yesterday, leaving my sister was tough but no time for tears in my eyes, I had the important job of being Navigator! All was going so well, we stopped off at an ‘Aire’ on the way and emptied any waste water, emptied the loo and filled up with fresh water.  We had a great journey down apart from a road that was very narrow and at the same level as the road, which I found very disconcerting so I didn’t really enjoy the view. Then just as we thought we had arrived the GPS woman said ‘take the first left’, we did, it was a gravel lane, we assumed this was the entrance to the campsite even though it said we still had three kilometres to our destination. Well, this damn stupid machine took us through a place that no one had been for the last 15 years, the lane got narrower and narrower, the trees and hedges on either side got more and more dense, as for the potholes!! How we had anything left in it’s original place, I’ll never know, we lurched forward, we bounced along, plates, glasses, saucepans and cutlery (not to mention us and the dog!) crashed, banged and jolted for the last mile or so, it was a nightmare. My heart bled as I heard the branches screeching along Harry’s paintwork! Eventually,  we got to a campsite just outside Chablis at about 5pm. We stuffed our faces, had a glass of wine and promptly fell asleep!. Only to be awoken slap bang in the middle of the night by a massive thunder and lightening storm! Honestly a baptism of fire, but we felt good.

We got up this morning to black skies which gave way to a foggy morning as we drove into Chablis to visit the market, a wine merchant (well it would be rude not to!) and then onto Briare, which has the longest metal canal bridge in Europe, just over 600metres long. It’s stunning and to boot we have a free parking space for the night overlooking the canal…brill.

I actually drove the van this morning, not for long but I could see a long empty road ahead and thought I would just get a feel for it.  I drove about half a mile and really enjoyed it, Harry is lighter than I thought he would be and the Hubster said I did a good job. We left Chablis and found the route really easy going until little miss smarty pants decided to take us through a forest!! Honestly, I’m not joking, the road again, became more and more narrow and at some points it was so dense that the light was cut out by the branches and added 7 kilometres to our trip! It’s not a route we would’ve taken but it was again an experience. Tomorrow, I’m taking over, I’m giving Miss Smarty Pants the day off. 

I’m afraid I haven’t really taken a lot of photos – too busy checking up on the damn GPS but here’s a little slideshow of just a couple taken so far.

I’m writing this in haste as my battery is waneing and we have no electricity tonight, so maybe I’ll upload this in the morning…who knows????

signing out xx

6 thoughts on “We’re up and running, motorhoming in France

  1. Ah, the lovely GPS. I call mine “Happy Hanna” as she always chirps happily along as she leads me into the wilds. I have learned all sorts of new curse words just for Hanna, she doesn’t seem to mind 🙂

    Happy adventuring! Looking forward to reading all about it now that it has truly begun!

  2. GPS is only as good as the programmer, a person who obviously either has a sense a humor or a sad lack of any sense of direction which is probably why they helped with the GPS. 🙄 In order to have a proper adventure, one must be lost at least once, in my opinion. 🙂 Well done! Do I want to know what that grey stuff is?

    • GPS WOMAN is having a day off and so far we havent got lost! I love a good map:) Eugh the grey stuff, it looked foul and didnt smell too good either I believe they call it Boudin de Chablis, made with blood! And other unmentionables! We didnt buy any!!!!!

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