Motorhoming in France, Day 3 Briare to Chambord

I’ve decided to rename my posts by the Day number followed by the journey or activity, it will serve as a good reminder for me, I’ve already forgotten where we were just two days ago!!!

It’s all been a bit of a whirlwind, but here we are settled in a lovely little campsite a couple of miles from Chambord Castle. I can’t tell you what a relief it is, we are totally shattered. We need to slow down … at this rate we’ll be at the south coast in two weeks! So we’re going to sit down tonight and discuss how to go about this impossible task. I’ll let you know how we get on!

Yesterday afternoon, we arrived in Briare, I wanted to see the bridge, quite an amazing feat, we parked up opposite the river and slowly but surely after no time at all, other Motorhomes turned up and parked next to us. We discovered that it was free to spend the night. How brilliant is that? With all our waste water and loo empty, a tank full of fresh water, two cylinders full of gas, we were made up. We settled in for the night. We put the water boiler on and it was just perfect. Pasta, wine and kip!


When we woke, there was a mist that had come down over the canal, and to my surprise during the night even more motorhomes had arrived and pitched up, we travel in packs you know!

IMG_0170            IMG_0168

I couldn’t resist a very early morning walk to have a look at the bridge with the mist, it was simply stunning.

IMG_0172     IMG_0182

We set off at about 9 am in the direction of Chambord,  we stopped on the way to empty our waste water and to do a two day shop, (we don’t have much room for more than two days at a time,) so we have bifteck hachee (burgers to you and me) and pointrine fume and gesiers (bacon and gizzards, for the hubster – not me) I think tonight it will be the burgers as we have electricity so out will come the George Forman Grill Smile

The Castle was fabulous and the weather was lovely, a little chilly but sunny and dry. The bonus was that Charlie was allowed to come with us – as a result he is now snoring and dreaming, his little feet racing along!

IMG_0183  IMG_0188  IMG_0199


We had such a good route to the Castle and the GPS woman appeared to be behaving herself until … we wanted to find the campsite, we knew it was about 9 kms away and yet when we entered the address, it kept saying 25 kms, she took us round in circles until eventually we pulled up on the side of the road, the hubster was pulling his hair out, he glanced at the GPS on the dashboard and unable to see without his glasses said “ so what’s the name of this bloody road?” I looked at the GPS and I promise I tell you no lie, “Rue de l’enfer”, which translated is Road to Hell – you couldn’t make it up! It didn’t make the hubster laugh, he did yet another 3 point turn pulled off into a Supermarket car park, got out and went and bought a decent map. So little Miss Smarty Pants has had the sack and I’ve been reinstalled ha!

I’m wondering whether we should stay here for a couple of days and explore rather than rush off againSmile

I apologise if I don’t answer all your comments immediately but it’s all very dependent on internet access. Thank you for your patience.

8 thoughts on “Motorhoming in France, Day 3 Briare to Chambord

  1. what are gizzards for a start. the pictures are smashing just lovely. the feeling i got when i saw them i felt i was there with you. and that flipping road to hell so apt. i could see you grinning and snuffling and hubby straight faced x x x x x

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