Day 4 Motorhoming in France … Chambord to Blois

We are really slowing down now, although it isn’t coming easily! We found a lovely little campsite yesterday, it was so quiet and we slept like logs. We woke so early that it was still dark! The campsite was nearly empty, I suppose the end of the season is approaching and just the tail-end stragglers and mad people like us are left.


I was surprised to see how many autumn leaves had fallen, it made me think about the months ahead. I was decidedly chilly in bed last night so it’s time to bring out the big guns, well some extra throws. Having said that we’ve had a glorious day today, with blue skies and sunshine.


We had allsorts planned for today, first Blois and then, and then and then, (the list went on). When we arrived in Blois, we sat and discussed what was the reason for rushing off again, why not take advantage of this parking area, which we’ve paid for and after all  tomorrow is another day, it’s an odd feeling not having a time limit, normally on holidays we try to cram so much in that we go home exhausted. This is a whole new way of life and it’s going to take some getting used to. I was always concerned before we left that the Hubster would get bored and I think subconsciously I’ve been trying to keep him occupied, maybe it’s me who has a problem in slowing down. We’re going to step back a little and just enjoy our time on the road.


As a result of this decision today  – we did Blois, and only Blois!! And boy what a lovely town. It sits high on the banks of the Loire and it is truly magnificent. Everywhere is uphill! Even going downhill, feels like going uphill. Confused smile Charlie managed the whole walk and it was long, we came back to the van and my hips were feeling the strain. Can’t be bad Smile

IMG_0231   IMG_0241   IMG_0245  

IMG_0235  IMG_0239

IMG_0258   IMG_0246

Our parking spot for the night is a car park specifically for motorhomes, it’s massive and has room for approx. 25 vans. We baggsied the corner spot, next to some greenery, where Charlie can have a walk. It has a barrier and feels lovely and secure. There are all the usual facilities that we would need for a motorhome, but no electricity, so fingers crossed that having charged the laptop last night it will last long enough to do my photos and my blog. As the day has gone by – more and more vans are turning up.


We’re sat here, drinking a bottle of Chablis, bought in Chablis!! We have the radio on, the sun is shining, the dog is snoring! Dinner tonight will be well appreciated, I’m starving after all those hills today.

Take care all.

4 thoughts on “Day 4 Motorhoming in France … Chambord to Blois

  1. oh smashing as usual. Love the pictures and the hills, was laughing about going down hills felt like going up. And the motor homew picture where they were increasng so funny, being taken over. Did you pack the pram for Charlie?

    I think it is you thats need to slow down, dont get me wrong i would be worse than you but your brain is so active Michelle. Keep em coming be safe, I am a little envious as i might be going back to work next week , if not the following week where i will have to work to rule . Jackie Boyl e has gone in to days, will miss her. She is a smashing manager, she could manage that store on her own. Love yvonne xx

    • Good luck with your return to work. It will be strange for you after all this time! My leg muscles are aching today! Been to a fab place today. Hopefully will have Internet access tonight for another post. We have the pushchair but haven’t needed it yet; )

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