Day 5 Motorhoming in France … Blois to Ange

Another sunny day here in the Loire region of France. We set off early this morning and have become quite aware over the last couple of days that motorhomers are in general, late risers. Which is fine by us, but it does mean that we pad around quietly in the mornings trying not to wake our neighbours up!

Last night we had eaten and were ready for bed at 9pm!! We settled down, within half an hour we both decided that was totally ridiculous and so made a cup of coffee and played cards until 11pm … that’s more like us! 9pm!! What were we thinking??? We slept really well and the ‘Aire’ in Blois was perfect. It was very big and this morning I counted about 20 motorhomes! It had an electronic barrier and we felt very safe.

This morning we were treated to a lovely road along the banks of the Loire, and ended up going to see another Chateau, this time Chenonceau. It didn’t disappoint. The sun shone warmly just as we arrived, and stayed with us all day. Although dogs weren’t allowed inside, the Hubster stayed in the gardens with Charlie and I popped inside to have a peek. Very impressive, although I’m not keen on seeing rooms in castles set up as they would’ve been ie: the kitchens, complete with plastic legs of pork, bread ovens full of baskets of plastic bread rolls, not overly authentic! I would much rather use my imagination. The views however were superb and I loved the stroll. Given that it’s the end of September and yesterday was officially the first day of Autumn – we were surprised by the amount of tourists that had turned out!

Charlie did a sterling job – keeping up with us and then collapsing on return to Harry the Hymer. This afternoon we drove along and found a great ‘Aire’. It has free electricity!!! which is why I’m up and blogging. How brilliant is that, although they do charge 3.50Euros for water, we’ll try and do without ha haSmile

We arrived at this aire and were very impressed, so we decided to take a walk in the village. It is like the village of the damned!! Not a soul around, it’s clean, neat  and tidy and very, very, quiet! Some houses had their front doors open and yet we didn’t see a soul, we didn’t hear a soul!! Very, very strange a little bit like the Twilight Zone or The Stepford Wives! I popped into the local Bakers, the door squeaked as I entered, and the place was empty, I heard heavy footprints crossing the floor upstairs and coming down the creaky staircase, a lady appeared … not the friendliest of welcomes!! but I bought a baguette, good job I only wanted one as there was only one left!! I half expected it to be in plastic after all I’d seen in the castle.

So we’re going to have dinner now, if you don’t hear from me again, it’s because the beast from the village came and attacked us during the night!! Although there are about 15 other motor homers here so we may be safe in numbers Smile

I shall leave you with some photos of the beautiful castle of Chenonceau – I apologise for the white skies but it was very sunny and as fate would have it, the sun was in the wrong position! Well, I have to blame someone !

4 thoughts on “Day 5 Motorhoming in France … Blois to Ange

    • No it was a weird place, even the next morning it was completely dead! We did laugh though, but who can complain when it’s free? Charlie is shattered today so we’re taking it even easier! Lots of coffee breaks! I’m glad you liked the photos I think you’ll love the ones I took (posted Day 6) Thanks so much for leaving us messages, it really encourages us to keep blogging 🙂

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