Day 6 Motor homing in France … Ange to Martizay

Oh what an incredible day! It’s been fantasticSmile We’ve met the kindest and friendliest of people. We had a lovely spot last night even though I did think we would wake in the middle of the night to find our little Harry surrounded by Zombies! It didn’t happen but we woke up to the most thickest of fogs! I couldn’t believe it. We left the Aire earlier than everyone else and made our way through incredible countryside, farmers busy tending their crops, we couldn’t actually see a lot more as it really was so foggy and little Miss Smarty Pants decided to take us on the scenic route once again, so it was all eyes on the road, especially as it was Pea Soup.

We arrived at Montresor, (what a lovely name) well it really lived up to expectations, a quick visit to the Tourist Office and with map in hand and directions, we set off on a circular walk of the village starting with the Castle, yes, another Castle, they’re everywhere!! There are more Chateaux here than you can shake a stick at. Montresor, was for me, the icing on the cake. When we arrived the fog was just lifting and by the time we had done half the walk, the sun had burned through the clouds and provided us with the most stunning views of the castle and river.

Charlie loved it … we walked back up to the parking area and met a lovely couple, Clive and Irene from the north of England, my goodness they’ve been at this motor homing malarkey for so long and they were full of incredibly useful advice and have given us some cracking tips with regards our stage in Spain. We shall keep in touch with them and hopefully bump into them again. These camping carists are so kind and friendly.

We went on to our next stop, which was a town called Le Blanc, we found our Aire for the night and decided to stop and eat immediately! We were starving, must have been the walk around the village in the morning that gave us such an appetite. As we sat eating we gazed out the window and realised the Aire wasn’t actually that lovely, it was a town Aire, there were piles of rubbish bags and a couple of local youngsters sipping away at beer! Maybe not the best place to stop for the night, we consulted our book and found another in a village called Benevant. That’s better, we settled, made a coffee, and walked Charlie, “It’s very isolated here” I said, there was nothing but fields and an industrial estate, That didn’t’ matter surely more motor homers would turn up and we wouldn’t feel quite so conspicuous! An hour later ,,, no one!

We decided to play the prudence card, and got back on the road and headed for Martizay, it is an aire that has 7 spaces! As we arrived I could count 7 motorhomes, Damn it!! As we neared,a chap ran out and waved us to pull in, we did and quickly! We shot into a very narrow space and that’s where we are now.

Within seconds of arriving a young girl of about 9 years old, called Cinderella, I kid you not, ran over to us and wanted to sell us Loon Bracelets. I decided for 1 Euro she could make me one but I would choose the colour. No more than 10 minutes later, I own a beautiful turquoise and pink/purple bracelet.  I assumed she was with one of the camping cars, but no, she lives across the road and literally swoops on every camping car that turns up, selling her wares … remember the name she may well be a successful entrepreneur in the future!!!

We have latched on to the neighbours electricity via his extension and we are in total, 4 motorhomes connected to one socket. There may well be fireworks this evening!! A woman and her husband,along with her mother popped over for a chat, Incredibly friendly people, addresses were exchanged and before they left they insisted on filling one of our rather large wine glasses with a drink called Pinneau de Charente, which we have been sipping since their departure and are now feeling somewhat squiffy.

We had planned to ring so many people and email friends this evening but it is now 7:30pm and we haven’t eaten yet and I’m feeling every so weary, so looks like that will be a job for tomorrow.

Apologies if you were expecting a call or email.

Keep well

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