Day 8 Motorhoming in France … Nieul to Oradour sur Glane

Today is Saturday, we woke very early, before 6am! So we had a coffee and went back to bed til 8:30pm, heaven!  We were setting off to Oradour-sur-Glane, I mentioned it was somewhere I really wanted to see and will explain more about it at the end of this post. We went via Limoges to a local camping shop to buy some Blue Liquid for the loo, a run of carpet, and an adapter for the 12v socket in the bathroom.  63 Euros later and some hours of driving through some lovely countryside – we arrived at Oradour. Great, I was so pleased to have got here at a decent time and we managed to find a lovely spot to park up and stop the night, before parking we used the ‘Borne’ which is a pillar supplying water, electricity and also has loo emptying facilities. So here we are, static and happy.


Our neighbour today, an elderly gent with a very, very scruffy dog, Charlie looks positively pampered in comparison!

It was on arrival that we noticed that dogs aren’t allowed into Oradour! Damn! It’s far too hot (30 degrees) to leave Charlie in the van alone and to be totally honest I think the heat is tiring him, he didn’t even want to go for a stroll earlier, so we’ve decided it would much better to have a lazy afternoon. We’ve had a leisurely lunch and the hubster went outside for his ciggie and realised we have a ringside seat for the local football match!  I’ve done some washing, the first since our departure…(shame on me!) Our bathroom now looks like a Laundry but not just a Laundry, we are also in the process of recharging the laptop and the mobile phone, and on top of that – it is now Charlie’s dining room!! Amazing what one can do with such a small space!




         IMG_0471     IMG_0473


We will leave first thing in the morning while it’s cool, go and park Harry down by the Oradour Centre and leave Charlie while we pop off and do our thing. He should be fine.

It was damn cold last night, it’s beautiful during the days, as I said up to 30 degrees but at night the temperature really drops and this morning it was just 4 degrees! My sleeping bag definitely isn’t warm enough so that’s something else to think about. I know I have a hot water bottle somewhere …but where????


We were just chatting about our first week motorhoming and I’ve done a few sums, so far it’s cost us just 36 Euros in Parking charges! Even our electricity has been free so far. I am honestly bowled over by the incredible services here in France for Camping Carists! Free parking, free electricity (not all sites), free water in most sites, free emptying facilities, it’s truly amazing. We haven’t even started using France Passion yet, which is a club where you can stay on Farms/Vineyards etc. free of charge overnight.

Right, back to Oradour-sur-Glane, if you don’t want to read my measly account you can always google it.

On the 10th June 1944, the German, SS Panzer Division entered the French village of Oradour-sur-Glane and completely destroyed it. They massacred 642 inhabitants, the majority being women and children. What is incredible is that the village has been preserved as if the attackers have just left and it has now become a memorial to those killed. Another Oradour has been built since and that is where we are parked up at the moment. The terrible fate of those poor villagers is even more poignant when you learn that the Germans made a mistake and went to the wrong Oradour.

The following views are my own, I don’t intend to offend anyone but I can’t help but think that I must put my 10 pence worth on the table. It would be far to flippant to visit this place and just take photos and not make some form of comment.

Although we haven’t actually been to the village yet, I feel that it is somewhere I have wanted to visit for years, well since I first heard about it. I feel it is an essential part of our history, although I don’t believe we should dwell on the past, I do think that with so many horrid things happening in the world it’s important to see for ourselves that we haven’t yet learned any lessons from the past. Nor do I think we will – we, as a species are far too greedy and it just shows that time and time again, human life has no value. Who knows maybe after I’ve visited I may change my opinion but I fear I won’t.

And so onto happier things, today has been Charlie’s day, lying in the shade of the van, he’s been brushed, washed and is now fed and watered, he’s rested all day and so hopefully tomorrow he’ll be fighting fit.

Oh by the way, tomorrow is a big day for me – I’ve put my name down to drive Harry – it could be a very short journey Smile Sorry the photos are so paltry today but I’ve been chilling Open-mouthed smileMartini glass

4 thoughts on “Day 8 Motorhoming in France … Nieul to Oradour sur Glane

  1. wow a lovely histor lesson thank you. I am thinking the same as you Michelle about the state of the world and I know what it is. ITS FLIPPIN MEN. any way we have friends that live in la leigne Condac 16700 i. just thought i would mention that. its cold here of a night and been hot here in the day hotter than africa , so they tell me. I love it. Loving all the info, washing mats duvet ha ha xxxx back to work on thursday for me. jackie has gone into days. xxxxxxxx

    • Oh Yvonne you do make me laugh, but yep I agree it’s the ‘flippin men’!! It’s been fabulous here, we’ve been so lucky with the weather. good luck at work sorry you won’t have Jackie with you, she was such a character, you’ll miss her. Is Lynne still there?

  2. Glad to hear it’s all going so well. As for man’s inhumanity to man, the war between good and evil won’t end until the end. This is when I recognize the importance of the individual. It is individuals who create change, the likes of Mother Teresa. We can’t control the choices of others, but we decide for ourselves which side of the equation we choose to stand. Sadly, too many are unwilling to learn from the mistakes of the past, believing they are smarter and more capable. The truth is that we may be more technologically savvy than those before us, but we still must learn about right and wrong and treating others as we want to be treated. Technology does not represent our abilities; our choices between lifting others or tearing them down speak far more loudly. I look forward to hearing your thoughts after your visit.

    • You are so right, I just find it so hard to believe that some still don’t know right from wrong and even if they do they don’t act on it. As for choices, I agree with you totally, we have to decide for ourselves and I like to think I was brought up to respect others and treat as I would like to be treated, I know my contribution is small but it makes a little drop in the ocean of bad. If only more would do the same. Thank you so much for commenting.

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