Day 10 Motorhoming in France … Still in Brantome

We fell asleep last night listening to the rain clattering on the roof of Harry, it didn’t disturb our sleep though! I woke after 8:30 this morning, last night we spoiled ourselves and ordered a fresh Baguette and two Pains au Chocolat for our breakfast! They were delicious in fact they were still warm, so I’ll let you imagine just how good they were! As we sat overlooking the river we decided to stay another night here. It’s so peaceful and beautiful and we’re learning that a lot of campsites close at the end of September so this may be our last chance to have a little luxury for a while. I’m sure further south some sites will be open longer into the winter, we shall have to see.


I have a bit of a dilemma!! Before leaving I decided to let my hair grow thinking it would be more practical, wash and tie up, unfortunately it is now so long that it would take a whole tank of Harry’s water to wash it! (Not to mention the blocking up of the plug hole) I’m debating whether or not I should go and have it all cut off! I would be more than happy for the Hubster to give me a short back and sides although he’s slightly reticent! I wonder why Smile


We went down into Brantome this morning to the local Carrefour Supermarket and did a quick shop for the next couple of days, we have cheese, wine, olives, so I’m happy! We’re finding shopping incredibly simple, it’s so nice just popping in for a couple of items and not being tempted by special offers and things we really don’t need! (this is a new experience for me and it’s great)


We then parked up and took Charlie with us into Brantome town, wow, it’s just picture perfect! Every where you look, it’s just idyllic, unfortunately, although it wasn’t at all cold, it was grey and the sky was bright, white so my photos aren’t as stunning as I’d hoped, but the plus side was that it was extremely quiet and we enjoyed a very leisurely stroll around the town and through the many side streets and alleys, stopping for a coffee in the square and did a bit of ‘Locals’ watching.


Brantome has a population of about 2000, and is home to the oldest Bell Tower in France, and it is built into the rock face, it creates a really impressive backdrop to the town. Brantome is unique in that it is totally surrounded by water, it is in fact an island.


Charlie wasn’t overly impressed, and has a new trick, he splays his front legs, digging his toes into the ground and neither wild horses, biscuits nor the Hubster can make him take another step. The look on his face is one of distain and disgust as we try to pull, coax and cajole him into walking a little further. He’s one wily dog! I’m seriously thinking of the pushchair! I had a bit of a brain wave this morning, you all know the story of the pushchair, well I was thinking if I put a bandage on one of his legs maybe I wouldn’t feel such a plonker pushing him around, and as one of our lovely neighbours (from the Wirral) pointed out this morning if I did that, they would probably make me a Saint here in France!!


We returned to the campsite and have settled in front of the river, had the most wonderful lunch while Charlie has snored his little head off. He has so much room here and it’s good to know he’s safe.


We have seen on the news that there are severe storms on the way, there has been some flooding further south and here we are parked up next the river … maybe not the wisest of choices.  We will be ready to move at a moment’s notice should we need to, trust me I have my wellies and snorkel at the ready!

On the up side of this news is that the sun is due to reappear in two days.


We are thinking we will try out one of the France Passion sites soon, (gosh I do apologise I now realise that sounds like some kind of sordid and seedy website doesn’t’ it?)


4 thoughts on “Day 10 Motorhoming in France … Still in Brantome

  1. Mmmm… I loved bread and chocolate for breakfast when I was in France. As frazzled as my own life is right now, this is such a lovely mini mental vacation.

    • I know exactly what you mean, when we were children our Mum used to make Dark Chocolate sandwiches with fresh white bread and butter, absolute decadence. I still love it to this day. So glad you’re having a mini break, sometimes the mind gives us the space we can’t get during our busy lives.

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