Day 11 Motorhoming in France … Brantome to Les Eyzies

Last night we had another massive thunderstorm, I seem to attract them, as a result of us being parked up by the river, I just couldn’t sleep! I was going over the evacuation plan in my head, over and over again! It wasn’t until I woke up this morning that I realised the river wasn’t really all that close to us, but the night time can do funny things to your brain! (Especially mine.) Needless to say I was the ‘only’ one awake – the two boys slept really well and were totally unaware of the dilemma I was living through!

Digging his heels in!

As a result I’ve been feeling a little dozy today and ended up having a half hour nap just to make me feel human again. OK so what have we learned about motorhoming in the wet!!! Well, first of all, try if possible to be parked on Tarmac, Gravel, concrete, anything but grass! It gets so soggy and muddy, and try as we may to take our shoes off before entering Harry, we inevitably bring wet leaves in with us! My hand washing ends up being hung in the shower and it takes an age to dry! But having said that we were up early (it was still dark!) and we sat outside under the awning, drinking hot coffee and watching the mist clinging to the river, it was quite special and then to top it off a Heron decided to delight us by flying over quite low – a good start to the day.

We set off and we said goodbye to the luxury of the campsite, it was a cracking place, I would highly recommend it, They have every single facility you can think of = they have even created a sandy beach with decking down onto the river. They rent out mobile homes (rather classy ones) as well as the new ‘glamping’ tents.

IMG_0519  IMG_0526  IMG_0528

As we left it was still misty, but the countryside was beautiful. We drove through Perigueux and had our first ‘near miss’ with a Volkswagon Polo!!! I stand by my opinion that he was in fact in the wrong lane although his hooting and waving of hands did make us feel incredibly guilty and even vulnerable in our 10 tonne van!! Only the French can do that!! We pottered on and left the city and come out into the countryside once more  and we feel as though we are entering the Dordogne, proper, it’s as we imagined.


We stopped off in Le Bugue a lovely little town that was bustling as it was market day.

IMG_0549  IMG_0556

We found the Aire there but it was 7 Euros for the night and there wasn’t even very good facilities so we decided to come on to Les Eyzies de Tayac and boy am I glad we did, we have a lovely spot, (believe it or not by another river but at least this time there is a country lane in between us!) I think we’re safe and anyway no rain is forecast, just sunshine!  

Les Eyzies is dominated by the most incredible overhanging rock cliffs. There are many troglodyte  caves within the rock face and the houses are built into the stone. We are planning on taking a little visit tomorrow but I must admit Charlie is really setting the pace, he’s really not up to the walking. So by the time we’ve found the Aire (which is not in town but normally on the outskirts) it’s a long way for him to walk and he just isn’t up to it. Poor little lad.

IMG_0562  IMG_0563  IMG_0574

We are also hoping to visit friends in the area, so maybe a couple of days without a blog, we shall see!

Finally here’s a photo of an outfit that I’m seriously thinking of buying – NOT – Ooh la la!!


Over and out!!

4 thoughts on “Day 11 Motorhoming in France … Brantome to Les Eyzies

  1. You’re magnetic personality attracting all the power in the area. Well done. 😉

    So beautiful.

    May you be protected as you continue your travels.

    • Oh I don’t know so much about magnetic more manic!! But we have been safe so far and I hope it continues. We are being very prudent, if we don’t feel safe we move on. I do hope you’ll enjoy Day12’s photos, it was a stunning day with beautiful towns and villages. Gosh this is a beautiful country.

  2. thats a nice outfit mrs. the clif looks amazing. I like this I dont have to travel you are doing it for me. just put charlie in the buggy it doesnt matter what people say poor old chap. xx

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